PSN Welcome Back content is now available

Sony’s PSN downtime apology content is now available, having gone live over the past weekend. James Gallagher, SCEE PlayStation blog manager updates us on the process of claiming the free games and PlayStation Plus subscription.

All PSN members who had signed up before the outage (April 21, 2011) will be able to select two free games for the PS3 and two free games for the PSP.

For PS3 owners, go to the ‘Welcome Back’ section in the PlayStation Store, and select 2 titles from the following list: *

–    Little Big Planet – 2.21 GB
–    infamous – 6.68 GB
–    Wipeout HD + Fury – 1.8 GB
–    Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty – 3.2GB
–    Dead Nation – 1.39GB

*Some users are reporting different download sizes, but take these as a bare minimum indication.

For PSP owners, go to the ‘Welcome Back’ section of PlayStation Store on your PSP system and select 2 titles from the following list:

–    LittleBigPlanet (PSP)
–    ModNation Racers
–    Pursuit Force
–    Killzone Liberation

If you are registered on both the PS3 and the PSP PlayStation Services, then you have access to a total of four games.

How to claim your free games

–    Go to PlayStation Store from the XMB
–    Click on the Welcome Back banner on the Storefront or the Latest tab
–    Go into the Welcome Back category and select the ‘PlayStation 3 Free Games’ item, and then select ‘Get Now’ on the following screen
–    You will be taken back to the Welcome Back section where you will be able to select your two free games
–    These instructions are applicable to both PS3 and PSP

Free PlayStation Plus access

Sony is giving PSN users who were non-PlaySation Plus subscribers before the PSN downtime 30 days access to the service. PlayStation Plus includes free games, discounts, exclusives and added features such as online storage and automatic downloads.

As with the games above, go to the PlayStation Store and under the ‘Welcome Back’ section, select ‘PlayStation Plus: 30 Days Free’, and you’ll be given access to all of the benefits of PlayStation Plus. Note that this will not auto-renew and simply expires 30 days after activation.

Current Plus subscribers have an extra 60 days added to their existing subscription at no charge. For current Plus subscribers, no action is needed as the 60 days have automatically been added to their subscription.

Another additional 10 days will be added to their subscription in a few days’ time to make up for the extended downtime.

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  • meh

    Really Sony, is that the best you can do?
    Some crappy free games? And I doubt that your security issues have been resolved.

  • leezozo

    I don't have uncapped internet. So it's REALLY not worth it, sorry!

  • THIRT13N

    Wipeout HD is over 1GIG and expansions are over 700Megs. Sucks to not have uncapped!

  • Spoilt01

    I was going to say the same thing, Wipeout came out to over 1gig the game, then 700mb+ for the extra features and 100kb+ for game unlock.

    Also when going to try Dead Nation they want credit card details and doesn't show as free?

  • Nicholas

    There's no satisfying some people. I bought some local bandwidth from Axxess to download Infamous and Ratchet and Clank. There is also the 30 days free PSN Plus for non-subscribers and, for me, an extension on my Plus subscription.

  • Nihilim

    Those size estimates are far off. Wipeout was almost 1.8gig DL. R&C is over 3gig.

  • James Etherington-Smith

    Thanks for the feedback everyone; I've updated the article a little to reflect these discrepancies. Keep the info coming; many might find it useful 🙂

  • TBlaar

    Geez, it's a shame that it's human nature to complain about just about everything…

    You are getting a free game, but complaining because you have to download it? And if you don't have uncapped internet, ask your daddy to upgrade your family's internet…

    I downloaded Wipeout yesterday, and can't wait to get home to try it out!

  • Malice

    Infamous is 7 GB total

  • THIRT13N

    i wasnt complaining at all…merely stating that the size of wipeout isnt as small as stipulated in the article.

  • chris brunsdon

    Little Geek so loves Wipeout after I downloaded it yesterday for him 🙂

  • chris brunsdon


    – Wipeout HD + Fury – 738MB

    Its 1,8GB

    – Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty – 2.4GB

    Its 3,3GB

  • Nic Simmonds

    Done, thanks 🙂

  • ExcessOfEvil

    Remember this link:

    It comes in very helpfull with the PS3 Welcome Back Package that is only available for about a month.

PSN Welcome Back content is now available