PSA: Beyond Good & Evil coming to PSN next week

After missing its previously scheduled launch sometime in May due to, uh, unforeseen technical difficulties, Ubisoft’s Beyond Good & Evil HD remix will be dropping onto the PlayStation Network next week Tuesday.

The game was released on the Xbox LIVE Arcade back in March already, and experts agree it’s pretty much totally awesome because it features hovercrafts and an anthropomorphic pig.

“For the veterans of the series, you’ll experience the best version of Beyond Good & Evil HD that we have to offer, including updated visuals and audio,” writes Ubisoft’s PR coordinator guy Alex Monney over on the PlayStation Blog.

“As a quick reminder, we will be offering two free PlayStation Network avatars for all purchasers who pick up Beyond Good & Evil HD within the first two weeks of launch. I personally will be switching my avatar to Pey’j (he’s a pig with a wrench… what’s not to like?!).”

The game is tagged at $9.99.

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  • Buffel

    Um, it's available on our PSN store already.

  • SH

    MyGaming : Bringing you last week's news, tomorrow.

  • LOL

    Already downloaded, completed and enjoyed……………….over a week ago lol

  • CopyAndPaste

    This editor read the news on some other gaming site like ign or something and just got the news there, without doing any original research.

    Journalism at its finest. haha

  • Nic Simmonds

    Actually, the journalist read the article on the official PlayStation Blog – Sony's official mouthpiece for everything PlayStation related.

    Problem is, she read it on the US blog, not the EU blog which is what we follow in SA.

    Yes, a mistake was made.

    Now, untie your panties, pour some chamomile tea, and relax 🙂

    And before making sweeping statements, you should maybe read some of the other articles we have published today, some of which have yet to be picked up by the likes of IGN, Gamespot and Eurogamer:


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  • m3n4ce

    Trolls 0 — Nic 1

  • Lols

    Oh intere…wait…I read this last week!!! Oooh shocker -_-

  • chris brunsdon

    I was thinking like WTF, I'm sure I saw this on PSN already.

  • chris brunsdon

    Played the demo last night and its just a port of the original PC game. No improvement as in zero, nadda, v'kall.

    Still a classic and at R95 I'm going to buy it, its still a classic and just as fresh as when I first played it 6yrs ago.

PSA: Beyond Good & Evil coming to PSN next week