Rumor: PS3 Slim may be out in a month

A few weeks back the internet was inundated with rumors that Sony is developing a PS3 Slim. The rumors surfaced when a series of photographs emerged which were supposedly taken in a Chinese manufacturing plant.

The rumor subsided, and many went on to believe that Sony will launch a PS3 Slim this year.

The rumors re-surfaced again yesterday when a number of international websites reported that two companies, both of which are already developing current PS3 hardware, have been given the go ahead to manufacture the PS3 Slim. Pegatron and Foxconn are the two companies in question. The two will apparently share the manufacturing responsibilities of the PS3 Slim 50/50.

Furthermore, the companies are  said to be completing the first batch early this month, meaning that if the rumors are true then we could well see the PS3 Slim hit the international market late this month or early August.

Sony has still not commented on the rumors.

Many analysts are anticipating that Sony will hold the PS3 Slim back until current PS3 stock has been largely depleted. Releasing the slim model would potentially hurt sales of the regular PS3.

Once Sony has cleared sufficient PS3 inventory, it will then release the PS3 Slim. The PS3 Slim will supposedly be followed by a price reduction on the PS3 before Christmas.

While these are all rumors and conjecture at this point, they are not difficult to believe. If the reports were true then it would make sense for Sony to keep quiet on the matter.

Why the PS3 Slim rumors may be true


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Rumor: PS3 Slim may be out in a month