PlayStation 4 demonstrated by Jimmy

Jimmy Fallon’s love for video games is a known fact in the entertainment industry, and the late night talk show host has finally got his hands on Sony’s Playstation 4.

Unfortunately, the console itself wasn’t in plain sight, leaving gamers still wondering what it actually looks like.

Managing Director of Guerilla Games, Hermen Hulst was there though to show off Killzone: Shadow Fall, which impressed at the Sony event thanks to its drop-dead gorgeous visuals.

Jimmy, along with his guest for the evening, Anthony Anderson, got to play a little, although they won’t be on the recruitment list for any Killzone clans.

Check out the video below:

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  • Lycanthrope

    Wow… his aim sucks. Also, thank **** for godmode during presentations :p

  • Vorastra

    Guys ! We’re that much closer to better looking console ports. ABOUT TIME !.
    See what I did there -_-

    Hopefully with the PS4 now being x86-based, it will mean even better games since they can now be ported that much easier, X720 -> PS4 -> PC, that sort of thing. So maybe consilitis in 2014 may not hurt as much.

  • oomjan

    I think jimmy must work on his skills a bit. but this was funny as hell

  • dubbelodub

    And we wonder why our society is so violent.. Share that bloody moment yeah!

  • daBoss

    Jimmy eeer I know you thought Id never ask you this but ……………. Can I hold It? Loooooooooooooooooooooooool

PlayStation 4 demonstrated by Jimmy

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