Playstation 4 is “meh” – American McGee

American McGee

Prolific game designer American McGee, who’s behind such titles as Alice and the more-recent Akaneiro, isn’t overly ecstatic about Sony’s upcoming Playstation 4 console.

“I was hoping for innovation in control input. Didn’t see anything meaningful, so ‘meh,’” McGee said of the PS4.

The designer explained that he does appreciate that the console will be easier to develop for; however, he also believes that the rise of mobile and online gaming will be tough competition for the next-gen consoles.

“It’s nice that they’re moving towards what looks like more developer-friendly hardware and indie friendly distribution. Remains to be seen if the appearance matches reality.”

“Overall, I think this generation of consoles will struggle painfully against the momentum of mobile/online games we’re seeing globally,” he added.

McGee also gave gamers some advice – particularly referring to the uproars about Diablo III and SimCity, which both endured punishment after shaky launch periods.

“Do gamers or the media think EA or Blizzard wanted things to go so badly at launch? Do they think all the screaming and gnashing of teeth actually helped resolve those issues more quickly? There’s got to be a balance to the relationship,” he said. “People need to relax a little and stop turning everything into World War III – Gamers vs. The Man. There are no winners in that scenario.”

What do you think of the Playstation 4? And what about unsuccessful launches – should companies be criticised for them, or should we have more patience?

Let us know in the comments below and the MyGaming forums.

Source: Forbes 

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  • Franko

    American Mc Who? Did this sucker saw or did anything on ps4? What an idiot.

  • Qrox

    First signs are making me agree with his “meh” comment. It is an improvement over the PS3 but I think people expected a stronger console than what they announced.

    When the PS3 came out it blew the PS2 completely out of the water and was drastically stronger than it which people really loved. I don’t think we will be getting that same effect this time.

  • the ps4 does blow the ps3 out of the water no doubt.
    i mean did you see the specs of that monster and its in-game capabilities?
    ps3 doesnt even begin to compete with ps4.
    people were complaining that the ps3 was hard to develop games on, now the ps4 has made it easy and they also dont like that, clearly people cant make up their minds.
    but in the end lets wait and see when its in full swing just how it works and looks.
    i for one do like the ps4.

  • I wouldn’t say it blew it out of the water, the PS2 was still a beast when ps3 came out. I mean its a next gen console, of course its going to be better than its predecessor.

  • This comment makes me sad. For someone not to know who American McGee is…

  • Ebrahim Ally

    ‘meh’ isn’t really a compliment or a complaint…

    (or is it!? …lol)

  • this guy…
    We should keep our mouths shut when Mega-Corp breaks the game we bought, just so they can try to suck out more money? They weren’t trying to make the games more fun or more useful. There was nothing added for the gamers. The “balanced relationship” he talks about is when EA/Activision start thinking about how to please their customers and keep them interested, instead of running their services like battling drug dealers. This isn’t the streets. They have normal people who want to buy their games if they make them fun, fast, and accurately priced.

    As long as indies can produce games that are as enjoyable as what I’ve seen in the last three years, these publicly-traded game publishers are going to see their profits dwindle before their greedy eyes.

  • It has 8gb of GDDR5. Welcome to the master race.

  • The ps4’s specs are weak… that’s why people be hating on it.. not saying the console or games will be/are bad…

  • Lol, what a hypocrite HAHAHA 😀 and you’re grammar makes you appear soo smart… 🙂

  • -_- my PC has had that since 2007…

  • your* grammar 😉

    Don’t make comments about someone’s grammar if you can’t get your own right.

  • You mean those specs that are the equivalent of a current mid-range PC? The PS4 is a step up from the PS3, but it’s still nothing more than a mid-range PC. Nothing even remotely ‘monster’ about those specs.

  • Kane

    He’s going “Meh” because the input is still the same old controller. The “Meh” is not related to the specs or the development

  • Johan du Preez

    I agree its only a monster if you compared it to the ps3 and what that’s over 5 years old ?

  • Johan du Preez

    Try doom and quake if you want to know who he is …. This guy have more credentials in his left small toe than you in your entire lifetime.

  • Franko

    Do you know me? Do you know what i do? Yea, i thought so.

  • Franko

    “you’re” ? Get back to school YOU hypocrite.

  • We both are <3 love you my Hypocrite friend <3

  • heheh that was fail >< 😉

  • lol dude you can’t insult the guy if you don’t even know who he is…

  • <3 thank you

  • Franko

    I know who he is. All of you totally got it wrong. And read all of it.

  • ok I shall get back to you… dude I don’t get your initial comment “American Mc Who? Did this sucker saw or did anything on ps4? What an idiot.” please explain…

  • I’m reserving judgment on the PS4 until we’ve seen more of it it, but comparing it in terms of performance to the PS3 seems kind of pointless.

  • is that so, what pc do you know that is running 8gigs of ddr5 ram.(stand corrected)

  • P.S. this is a response to the comment above as it wont let me comment:

    Im referring to RAM (DDR3 IS DDR5, uses lower voltage) not GPU RAM :'( and I’m actually happy for the new consoles, as we get better ports.

  • Johan du Preez

    I dont need to there is very few people that measures up to his accomplishments.

  • Johan du Preez

    Me im running 16gb of it plus 2gb in my gfx card thats makes it 18gb in total.

    Want to compare anything else ?

Playstation 4 is “meh” – American McGee

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