Big PlayStation announcements from E3 2013

The Playstation E3 conference has come to a close, and Sony has announced a number of new games in their upcoming lineup.

The company announced that more than 30 PS4 exclusives are currently in development, with 12 of them being new IPs.

In addition to the games that we already knew of (Driveclub, InFamous: Second Son, Killzone: Shadow Fall and Knack), there were some new titles and debut gameplay for some of the biggest upcoming PS4 games.

The Order: 1886

The Order: 1886 is a new title from developer Ready at Dawn, who worked on previous handheld God of War games, and follows the story of an alternative history during the Industrial Revolution.

In the game, you are a knight, a member of an ancient order, and you will take centre stage in this fight for mankind’s survival. As the game takes place in an alternate history, you will be able to interact with real-world historical characters who will aid you in your quest. You will see and navigate real places. You will not only be a witness, but have a hand in real events that have unfolded.

Mad Max

Based on the film franchise of the same name, a new Mad Max game has been announced for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The game will be an open world third-person action game set in a post-apocalyptic world. The title’s focus is on car combat; players will need to fight against enemies of the wasteland to eventually build up their vehicles for combat.

The game is being developed by Avalanche Studios – that’s right – the team behind the over-the-top and rather underrated Just Cause franchise.


We already were aware of Destiny, but Sony gave a gameplay trailer for the upcoming MMO shooter from Bungie.

Check out the trailer below:

Final Fantasy XV

Square Enix showed off a fancy new trailer for the notoriously-delayed Final Fantasy versus XIII, which many believed would either wither away and die as vapourware or become something else entirely.

Final Fantasy versus XIII is now Final Fantasy XV, and it’s coming to PS4.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Square Enix also revealed that the official threequel to the Disney/Final Fantasy mash-up, Kingdom Hearts, is in development for PS4.

While info was scarce and didn’t go beyond announcing that the game was in development, the trailer at the conference did show off some brief gameplay, depicting main-line protagonist, Sora, in shiny next-gen glory.

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Big PlayStation announcements from E3 2013

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