PS4 will be with us for a decade

The current-generation of consoles has had quite a strong run, but Sony is adamant that the PS4 will extend the traditional life-cycles even further.

Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida said that the Playstation 4 will stretch across a 10-year lifespan, thanks to the room for growth provided by the new hardware.

“In the middle of PS3 we really hit the limit with what we could do on the system side,” said Yoshida. “We wanted to add the cross-game voice chat that many people asked us about, but we had no room in the system memory at all to add it.”

“So the PS4′s enlarged, very fast memory allows us in the future to improve and add more new features,” he continued. “And at the same time we are continuing to invest and add onto the online services so that, three years from now, the PS4 will be much, much better than PS4 this holiday – and that was the case on PS3 and PS Vita.”

Yoshida also said that the lower pricing for the console is due to “lessons learned” from the launch of the PS3.

“Designing PS4 was all about learning lessons from PS3 – ease of development and the cost of the system is a big part of it,” he said. “We always wanted to hit $399 and we designed the system and carefully chose out of all the potential inclusions of the core hardware components and we made a system that we could sell for $399.”

Source: CVG

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  • Well, the PS2 lasted 12 years. The PS lasted fox six. The PS3 is entering its seventh year this November and it’ll likely continue for another two years after that. The PS4 having a ten-year lifespan is easily conceivable. The PS5 will probably be another 100x faster and launch with SSD storage.

  • UltimateNinjaPandaDudeGuy

    I think it is mainly because you never know what might happen in technology, but the guesstimates do make sense… REALLY hoping you are right on that SSD part… Lord knows my PC loads like the wind since I got a SSD

  • Codify

    It’s nice to know you can always add an SSD to the PS4 (or PS3) at anytime. This is another trump card in my book for PS4 over Xbone… really not liking Microsoft’s offering

  • SuperMecha

    I think his referring to Sony’s Gaikai acquisition which might allow some of the processing/rendering to be done in the cloud. So the PS4 won’t be completed limited by it’s hardware.

  • Slade Boender

    I stand to be corrected but I think the os will run on the internal NAND flash. However thats pretty moot for games though.

  • Fayainz

    Sony can really get a leg up with the PS4 if they launch in SA before Microsoft since SA is not part of Microsoft’s global launch..

  • Greenman284

    You know what would absolutely sell the PS4 for a lot more people? Bundle the Vita with it. I personally would never buy the Vita by itself, but with a PS4 it would just be adding a cherry on top of the cake. There are many others that I know share the same thoughts as me.

PS4 will be with us for a decade

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