PS3 update 4.45 “bricking” consoles

Update: For those with bricked systems, Sony is releasing a patch on 20 June that that will remedy the bricked consoles. All you need to do is download it to your USB drive and power up the PS3 in safe mode and install update from USB.

Original story: Sony has just released the latest firmware update for the Playstation 3, and it appears that there’s a problem with the new release.

Update 4.45 is reportedly “bricking” certain consoles which leaves them hovering in the limbo of the welcome screens.  Players have also said that they are unable to shut down the console, leaving them to removing the power cord in order to turn their PS3s off.

There are over 70 pages in the forum thread of users experiencing the same problem, confirming that it is a widespread affect.

Some users suggest reverting back to 4.41 using a USB installer and booting up the PS3 in safe mode, however, we can’t recommend this as there is no fullproof evidence that it works.

Update 4.45 was to include such features as turning off trophy notifications and improving general performance of the console and interface.

Source: Playstation Forums

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  • Morne4444

    Eina, Epic Fail !!!
    The update has since been removed which is good

  • VirtualForce

    hehehe, Sony trying to get as many PS4 pre orders as possible! (j/k)

  • TygerZA

    updates and commentary on eurogamer suggested that it only affects those that changed their hard drives for a bigger one (assuming anything > 500GB)

  • Guest

    And that makes things better….how? I also heard that if the update bricked a PS3 then the warranty is void….am afraid to turn the damn thing on now

  • Dal Dudas

    And what about us with bricked PS3s? Will Sony give me a new one for free? They better after their tirade about how they care about the gamers and are pro-consumer….I have both systems and 360 never bricked on me after a update or during a update

  • TygerZA

    That means if you’ve never changed the hard drive you shouldn’t have to worry.

  • TygerZA

    Boot into recovery mode and apply a different version of the firmware?

  • Dal Dudas

    That was the first thing I tried,it didn’t work…and Sony customer service said they are ‘researching the problem’ when I called…at least they pulled it offline so more people don’t get affected

  • Pur!Fier

    And they said I was crazy for thinking a conspiracy theory could exist between M$ and sony

PS3 update 4.45 “bricking” consoles

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