Sony dropped PS Eye to undercut Xbox One

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The pricing debate around the Xbox One and PS4 will no doubt rage into the foreseeable future; adding fuel to that fire are reports that Sony intentionally dropped the PS Eye from the console bundle in order to undercut Microsoft’s offering.

The PS4 will retail at $399, while the Xbox One will be priced at $499, but the Xbox One features the new Kinect camera, while the PS4 doesn’t include its motion-tracking device – the PS Eye.

Multiple sources have said that Sony quietly informed retail partners ahead of E3 to exclude the camera from any mention of the PS4.

The PS Eye will be a $59.99 add-on, and without it the DualShock 4 controller’s built-in LED motion trackers are essentially useless.

What do you think? Are you happy to receive a standard console, and then buy the additional motion-tracking camera, or should it be included?

Source: IGN

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  • mybad Studios

    Agreed. Some games used the cam, somedo not. To force em to pay R1000 extra so I can play the 3 or 4 games I might otherwise simply not buy would have just stinked to high heaven. Put me in charge of how much I want to expand my console.

    Don’t force something on me that I might not want AND then charge me for it also…

    Again, I will buy a PS and not give the Xbox a second thought. Just like last time. At least they stay consistent…. [Rolley eyes….]

  • Zakaria

    I don’t think Sony did anything specifically to undercut MS. Its MS who decided to make what was an add-on now a fixed item on the console. Further it is selling it with the console, which WILL make the console more pricey. MS failed to learn from the Wii-U that an expensive console moves less units especially for a feature that won’t be used by your entire target market

  • Windreaver

    THe key difference being that the PSEye is just a motion tracking peripheral for game novelty, no mre essential than a steering wheel. The Kinect is now pretty much integrated into the XBO.

    You do know that your argument of ‘i dont care for a motion cam’ can be taken further – why include networking ports, blu-ray or sixaxis? I know lots of console owners who never use either. Why not just release the same features as the PS2, just with better graphics?

  • Pur!Fier

    Ya but that’s not really a fair argument hey. Imagine the consoles were cars. You dont always use your radio or electric windows, but hey, its ok if they are only a few hundred bucks more, because you then have the comfort of knowing you have those for when you might need them. The other extras like a rear view camara might be over the top, because you know you probably will never use it, because you have been driving quite a while and even though your teenage kid might need it to help him/her learn driving, is that extra few thousand really necessary. I reason most would say no. The difference here is between the comfort of knowing you have something and then the obligation to have something you could live without.

  • Windreaver

    Where do you draw that line? Sometimes the industry needs to make decisions for the consumer. If PS3 came with a budget option of wired controller, no sixaxis and no bluray, would you have bought it? If yes, how would you feel about that choice today?

    Framed differently: do you still drive a Mk1 Golf? Most consumers these days view Aircon, power steering and ABS as standard requirements. All these things were luxuries ten years ago.

  • Pur!Fier

    Ja ok I understand what you are getting at. Let’s put it differently, the PS4 at the beginning gave us everything we wanted/expected. The XBO is giving us what we wanted/expected, but it is also giving us something that we dont necessarily want or can use and charging us more for it.

Sony dropped PS Eye to undercut Xbox One

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