PS4 pre-order at CNA Online: R500 secures your console

CNA Online

CNA has put up a place-holder shipping date for the Playstation 4 (26 November 2013) and has also launched pre-orders for the new console. A deposit of R500 will secure an order.

Customers are advised to order their console early on as there will be limited stock available through the online portal.

CNA Online confirmed that their shipping date is simply a place-holder and is not an official launch date for the PS4. The final price of the PS4 is also yet to be confirmed in SA.

It is expected that Sony will reveal details around the official launch date at Gamescom in August. From there, local retailers can begin to lock down pricing points for the PS4.

No pre-orders for Playstation 4 launch titles have been announced.

Below follows detail on CNA’s website that pertain to the pre-order and must be read by all customers before adding the pre-order to their cart:

  • The PS4 Pre Order Deposit Voucher is a payment towards the purchase of the Playstation 4 console.
  • This R500 deposit will be credited against the final price of the console when it becomes available with use of a voucher code that will be used during the final checkout process.
  • Upon payment confirmation, an e-mail will be sent to you with your individual voucher code as well as with instructions on how to use the code.
  • Customers will be contacted once final pricing and release dates are confirmed and will be advised to complete their transaction for the console.
  • A limited quantity will be available upon release and customers who purchase the pre order voucher will be given preference.
CNA Playstation 4 pre-order advert

CNA Playstation 4 pre-order advert

No announcement has been made for a pre-order of Microsoft’s Xbox One console.

Source: CNA

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PS4 pre-order at CNA Online: R500 secures your console

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