PS4 SA launch date, SA price revealed

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The PlayStation 4 console will be arriving in South Africa in December, and hopefully in time for a 6 December launch. The expected price is being pegged at R6,299.

Mario Dos Santos, Chief Executive Officer of Ster Kinekor Entertainment, said in a press statement that he is confident the PS4 will arrive in South Africa before Christmas.

“South Africa will be releasing the PS4 prior to Christmas, we are planned to go on the 6th of December 2013 due to the logistics of getting the stock to our shores,” said Dos Santos.

“The price point, although not officially set due to the uncertainty around the Rand exchange rate, is currently planned at an RRP of R6,299 including VAT and it will not be beyond this for launch. Retail will be communicated to plan at these levels,” said Dos Santos.

During their Gamescom 2013 presentation, Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, Andrew House announced the launch date for the PlayStation 4.

PS4 will be hitting US shelves on 15 November 2013. In Europe, the PS4 will be available from 29 November.

The PS4 is pegged at US$399 in the United States. This is US$100 less than the Xbox One launch price of US$499. EU price points are typically set by retailers.

House said that the PS4 will be launching in 32 countries around the world in November.

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  • *Snaps* Aaaaaaand I’m pregnant.

  • UltimateNinjaPandaDudeGuy

    Would have loved to see it at about R5500… The fact that a country will lower income pays more just convinces me that the sellers are money hungry…

  • fred

    Well thanks to the terrible exchange rate for that one. Cannot expect Sony or SK to take a knock because our economy is doing poorly. Almost 14 to the euro.

  • bandit766

    Geez then I’m not looking forward to the Xbox One prices

  • brad coetzee

    Guess I’ll be waiting for a price drop in a few years, till then….tally ho my PC!

  • Lonthor

    The price isn’t too bad when you compare it to the price of the PS3 at launch in SA.

  • Jev_LFC

    Playing most games on PC is way better anyway.

  • brad coetzee

    I agree, actually just interested in PS4 for the new Metal Gear to be honest.

  • Stephane

    6300??? are they mental? do they not understand the pricing point of $400 is a big part of Sony’s strategy? R4500 is reasonable, R4999 is the max most people are willing to pay for but thats still too much; u cannot compare the price with PS3, ps4 is well price for that reason cause the launched overpriced ps3 was a BIG stupid mistake; why te hell would u wanna repeat a stupid mistake??

  • Vorastra

    You do realise that the $400 price point excludes tax right…every dollar price that you see excludes tax, since each state taxes differently.

    But ye R6300 is still too much. +-R5500 would have been reasonable.

  • Beanz777

    No way dude. It’s bad

  • Skinnychick

    It’s not too complicated to work out, 16 X 430 = R6880 That is with out transport and duties etc. So expect to pay R7,500 at best

  • Skinnychick

    Glad u guys still playing with your selves. One day, when you grow up, you can play with others.

  • brad coetzee

    May I ask what you are talking about ma’am?

  • The Rich

    Damn that is pricey! Will be sticking with my PC and my trusty Xbox 360 for now – I really want one of these but at that price, I can wait a few years for the price to come down.

  • WolfyZA

    R6300.. I can afford that!!! BRING IT IT MY WALLET IS READY! I’m at least gonna save up R8000 for this baby and some games when it releases. So I’m good 😀

  • WolfyZA

    Is this site even legit bro? If it is I might just pre order it through here to begin with.

  • WolfyZA

    Speak for yourself the PS3 ‘s launch price was R7500.

  • WolfyZA

    And thats why your single lurking on gaming sites…

  • Beanz777

    Glad I waited a few years then lol

  • YuuZA

    lol , you almost had me….

  • Chris Pieterse

    Has April Fools come early? R6300 no effing way. I will wait for the inevitable/ eventual price drop to R5000 max or below. No way the average individual would pay that price at launch.

    My PS3 has a lot of life left so I’ll be waiting, gaming my ass off until then.

  • invalidusername

    As Vorastra said below, the US price excludes TAX. The SA price INCLUDES: VAT, import TAX, cost of getting the PS4 units to SA, cost of distribution to retailers nationally, Ster Kinekors markup, retailer markup

    There is basically a R2k markup to cover all of the above. It’s a rip off, but hey, we live in South Africa, we always get shafted!

    The only hope we have is the exchange rate strengthening by about 10% which could bring the price down to under R6k

  • invalidusername

    Pretty expensive. But all the people saying it should be R5k, if you can afford to spend R5k on a games console, I’m sure you can afford R6k, it’s a luxury item

  • Darryl Le Roux

    Yeah…phoenix tech…R5300. Amazing how a small shop can bring it into SA for R1000 less.

  • Trev Opie

    fark that….i ain’t spending that amount of money on a new console. What a joke!

  • Andrew Shaw

    The PS3 originally launched at a price higher than that. So why is this such a shock? Oh right, the gamer’s inflated sense of entitlement.

  • Peter Pan

    Definitely a latter half of 2014 purchase! I will happily bite the bullet when it hits roundabout R5000, give or take a couple of hundred. Right now, my rig does the job admirably, and I haven’t got much use out of my PS3 and 360 as I generally choose the PC version of multi-platform release titles! I think there is still some joy left with the previous generation consoles!.

  • Johan

    WTF you talkin about dude……………..

  • Johan

    Yeah bro why u at it why don’t you pay 500 for a sack of potatoes, u mad!!!!!!

  • Johan

    Why u so skinny u chick………go eat some pap u whack!!!!!

  • Andrew Shaw

    Judging by your general responses to, well everything, I should be asking you that question.

  • WolfyZA

    Haters gonna hate 😉 Nothing wrong with saving up for something.. It isn’t like I got this type of money to spend on a daily basis 😛

  • Legit, we’ve confirmed that they’re not pulling anyone’s leg.

  • Outer Limits Pta

    Haha what a joke. I actually work with importation and distribution and I have run the numbers on what it should cost. MAX it should R 5400 at the current exchange. SA being ripped off once again. Its tradition.

  • crazy ……………. not going to waste my time going to look at it when it hit south african shores its way way way over priced …………

  • Johan

    Well since you also suffer from this sense of entitlement to state your case and accuse gamers of such behaviour, I just thought I’d throw it back it you to see how you’re handling it, and the verdict………………….as I expected not good coming from a self entitled individual like yourself. Always a case of dishing it out, but can’t handle the response.

  • Andrew Shaw

    WTF you talkin about dude……………..


    Sorry, I’m still waiting for that big bombshell of a response that you’re supposed to be throwing back at me.

    You decide which response serves you better 🙂

  • Matthew Wearne

    199% Legit.

  • Johan

    Everybody take note Mr Shaw here has a sensitive nerve…….it’s called the unidentified self entitlement nerve which he thought he didn’t have…..Ouch lol!!!!
    And the verdict…………….same same………they usually don’t handle it well. Stick 2 gaming mate, chatting is not your strong point. Don’t accuse people of something u actually suffering from your self????

  • Michael Bludd

    money grubbing jap bustards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andrew Shaw

    You do realise that blazing a long trail of exclamation and question marks just makes you look a bit on the desperate & frustrated side, right?


  • Johan

    Only when it comes to the prices of the new consoles obviously, lol!!!!!!!

  • Stibo

    Guys i’m currently visiting Spain and the PS4 is selling for 370 euros,of which it amounts to around R5k I don’t know why is so expensive in SA, but I played PES2014 and those who can afford,go for it and those like myself who does’nt like to to spend too much,we’ll wait but guys this is a kick-ass console

  • Ryan Steenkamp

    the ps4 is pretty awesome because it uses the next gen engine and it is a descent console 6300 is a reasonable price because its a new and advanced console and look at the specs it is top of the range and its festive season so it means there will probably be deals for it but one thing that sucks you have to pay for online use like the xbox

PS4 SA launch date, SA price revealed

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