Kalahari PS4 pre-order price goes live (update)

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Kalahari has updated their price on the PS4 to R6,299.

The retailer explained that the originally listed price of R5,799 was an error.

Kalahari PS4 price Revised

Original Article:

Online retailer Kalahari has opened its pre-orders for the Playstation 4, pricing Sony’s upcoming console at R5,799.00.

Kalahari has noted that the stock is very limited for the PS4.

Also mentioned was that the specific bundle offers have not been confirmed as this time. Furthermore, if the Day 1 offer on a bundle changes, then the pre-order will change to the renewed bundle automatically.

The launch date and price is still subject to change, but customers who pre-order now will pay the “lower price” that’s currently being offered.

The arrival date of the PS4 pre-order states 6 December 2013.

After the SA pricing and launch date was announced last week, local retailers reacted to the news.

PS4 Kalahari pre-order

Mario Dos Santos, CEO of Ster Kinekor Entertainment, said in a press statement on 21 August 2013 that he is confident the PS4 will arrive in South Africa before Christmas, with an expected retail price of R6,299.

“The price point, although not officially set due to the uncertainty around the Rand exchange rate, is currently planned at an RRP of R6,299 including VAT and it will not be beyond this for launch. Retail will be communicated to plan at these levels,” said Dos Santos.

Source: Kalahari

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  • UltimateNinjaPandaDudeGuy

    It already shows R6299 btw…

  • Mujeeb Lambarey

    yep, R6299. They changed it. I saw it cheaper this morning

  • If it was R5,799 my pre-order would have been in. Now it’s just the same as everywhere else, so I’ll hang on to see the best offer around launch.

  • Michelle Hercules

    Phoenix Tech has it for R5399

  • Verrayne

    Phoenix Tech also sells a grey import.

  • Michelle Hercules

    I didn’t know Sony already made two color versions.

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  • Glordit

    Sorry these comments are 9gag worthy. . .

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  • Rudi de Lange

    Please stop. I can’t take it anymore. Please just stop. Please.

  • Juancho Talarga

    You are so bitch madafaca. I love your ass

Kalahari PS4 pre-order price goes live (update)

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