PS4 launch delayed in SA

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Sony’s PlayStation 4 has been delayed from its originally planned 6 December 2013 launch date in South Africa, a Ster Kinekor representative has confirmed to MyGaming.

The PS4 console was originally pegged with a recommended selling price of R6,299. Pricing will not be affected unless there is a drastic change in currency exchange rates, Ster Kinekor said.

Ster Kinekor would not confirm a new launch date, but said they are striving to ensure the console is available in time for Christmas 2013.

The launch date change will affect all retailers in South Africa that procure their PS4 consoles from Ster Kinekor.

However, BT Games has set their new PS4 launch date for 13 December, hosting a midnight launch of the PS4 on 12 December 2013.

When queried about the date, a BT Games representative confirmed that the launch dates were correct and that customers looking to attend the midnight launches would have to begin queueing up at 9PM on Thursday 12 December.

BT Games is additionally delaying releasing information about the console launch in order to confirm final bundle contents and launch pricing.

Source: BT Games

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  • eXpZA


  • Alex Rowley

    Doesn’t make much difference for me as I plan on getting it after Christmas but still shitty news for others wanting it as soon as possible. I know the feeling πŸ™

  • Tosh

    (γƒŽΰ² η›Šΰ² )γƒŽε½‘β”»β”β”»

  • Martin du preez


  • NimZ


  • PhlyBoy OhSoMazinG


  • Rus74

    More time to catch up with the backlog of games… phew.

  • bandit766

    Oh no πŸ™

  • jdp12

    Not too bad, still in time for Christmas! Was expecting Q1 2014

  • matthew

    That sucks. At Least its only a week. I’m getting it day 1 thats for sure.
    They will have to release it before christmas if they want good sales, as Im sure that it will be on many a childs list.

  • kenneth

    damn, now i have to wait another year.

PS4 launch delayed in SA

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