PS4 price in SA: it could be worse

The price of next-gen consoles is a hot topic, and the more-approachable price of the Playstation 4 (compared to the PS3’s launch price) is something that Sony has going for them at the moment; but how much does the console cost around the world?

The price (converted to dollars) from the respective countries around the world receiving the PS4 has been stacked up against one another, showing that Canada will feature the cheapest, while Brazil will be overcharged by a ridiculous amount.

South Africa, as you can see, sits snuggly in the middle, with a converted price of $640.

Ster Kinekor Entertainment has confirmed that the PlayStation 4 now carries a launch date of 13 December 2013Β in South Africa.

Check out the image below:

PS4 price around the world

PS4 price around the world

Source: Gamepur

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  • Kyle Opperman

    Because its logical to charge people that don’t live in first world countries, or countries with a weak currency more. Its not like its manufactured in Japan which is pretty much half way between South Africa and USA/Canada. TBH its just companies like SK that like ripping people off, because the own a monopoly. Greed.

  • Vorastra

    US price excludes tax, never forget that. Each state in the US taxes differently.

  • Ben Kelly

    Yup US price plus 14% VAT would take it to just over R450. Tehre is an extra $200 in there but I don’t know what the import duties for consoles are?

  • That’s a pretty bold statement. Have you considered: base pricing imposed by Sony Europe; import tax; shipping costs; distribution costs; exchange rate fluctuations and price projections needed to protect against that; that retail pricing also includes the profit for the retailer (SKE sells to retail at a distributors price point)?

    Do you know the margins in which SKE operates in order to make this whole import and distribution business profitable? At what point does that margin become greedy profiteering versus the good business practice of running a sustainable business? If you have this information, we’d love to publish it.

    Have you weighed up the cost of doing your own grey import (and the cost/risk factor of not having warranty support)?

    At the end of the day, this is an entertainment business – do you expect these companies to sell their products at cost? Would you sell your services or products at cost or dangerously narrow profit margin? If not, can I accuse you of greed?

  • UltimateNinjaPandaDudeGuy

    Agreed. There are many factors that influence the price, but I just can’t shake the feeling that each time something influences the price they add a, even if it is a little, bit more on for themselves…

  • Lupus

    There are a number of factors you aren’t taking into account.
    1. US pricing is quoted tax free.
    2. Economy and scale, we have a much smaller buyers base so no room for discounts, specials etc.
    3. Import duties
    4. The profit of SK so they can stay in business to actually bring you the products.

    Once you take that all into account there isn’t a lot of profit from the R2000 more they have to charge, we also get our units in from Europe so there is already an increase in price.

  • AfricanJedi

    mmm abit harsh seeing as how we know that most of our electronics in ZA are overpriced.

    Local distributors who have a ,sole right of sale and distribution do abuse this. Look at CORE and Apple products.

    Local distributors are overpricing their products and as for shipping. Shipping is done for a few thousand units at a time and the cost to ship from Japan to US is gonna be the same if not similar to Japan and ZA.

    Before attacking and opinion at least consider what is being said.

  • Alex Rowley

    Isn’t the PS4 price capped at R6200? Also I am pretty sure we get the UK version of the console so shouldn’t we be converting the the UK price of 340 pounds

  • Space_Chief

    “At the end of the day, this is an entertainment business – do you expect these companies to sell their products at cost?”

    The PS4 is a device for playing games. Games which are usually expensive. Sony also makes money from these games, as does SK. Now, if no-one buys the PS4, Sony/SK etc will lose more than marketing and R&D costs, but also lost revenues from game sales.

    Yeah I think the console should be significantly cheaper, because the console itself is useless without the software which is charged additionally.

    It’s not like a PC or a TV or DVD player, where you can use your own or non-manufacturer content and where the manufacturer usually gets ZERO.

  • Space_Chief

    PS4 is probably made in China. I can’t image it being made in Japan. Only premium goods are assembled there. Still it’s a similar distance.

  • Space_Chief

    Remember that exported PS4’s would be sold without tax. Likewise the MSRP price is the retail price and include profit for the retailer. A company importing PS4s from Sony USA would get a wholesaler discount and would probably not pay the same price you and I pay if we go to Fry’s or Walmart in the US.

  • rooislangwtf

    Shipping to SA adds about 150% to any price, thanks to VAT and Customs.
    Brazil is a notoriously corrupt country so their charges are probably even more exorbitant than here.

  • So what? Games are expensive and companies expect to make money from them. Should everything be sold at a loss?

    Sony is already selling the console at a loss, planning to recoup this through game sales and PS Plus subscriptions –

    Should SKE also sell at a loss for some reason?

    Obviously I’d love all these things to be dirt cheap, but let’s be realistic.

  • Of course I considered the comment, which is why I gave a lengthy response, raising important questions for further consideration.

    There are loads of assumptions being made, and knee-jerk conclusions being drawn that we are being “ripped off”.

    Just because I don’t instantly agree doesn’t mean I’m attacking someone.

  • Zinzan Zonzo

    How would one go about setting up a petition for Government to reduce import duties on goods that cannot (or maybe will never) be produced in this country? Maybe someone should try and get this going before Elections πŸ˜€

  • Space_Chief

    You make it sound like companies have some guaranteed expectation to sell games, especially now during a huge global crises with unemployment throughout EU, Asia and USA being so high and job prospects so bad/student debt so high.

    Cost of game replication is nothing. Once a game is made the developer, Sony and SK benefit from these things being sold. Fewer PS4s = fewer games. There’s no way people buy games when they don’t have PS4s.

    As for $640 being at loss? Come on.

    So I am trying to be realistic.

  • Santa Teresa

    Who cares? Where’s the Xbox One?

  • WolfyZA

    Still buying it in December .. Planning on putting R8000 to R9000 a side from my bonus for this puppy and a few games.

  • Supa_Tettra9

    Dam Straight WolfyZA! Its a must have in December< already saved R6000 so far, Amped!!!

  • HelterSkelter

    I guess our country isn’t as kak as I thought.

  • Reezo

    So… Would it be possible to buy it in Canada and have it shipped here? There would probably Xbox Live and region issues though.

PS4 price in SA: it could be worse

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