PS4 hard drive upgrades are easy: peek inside

German hardware enthusiast website Computer Bild has landed itself a working, retail-spec Playstation 4 and they’re in the process of completely dismantling it.

In this first update, they show how easy it is to open up the hard drive upgrade bay for the Playstation 4. Sony’s console once again allows for easy storage upgrades and uses regular SATA hard drives for storage.

The glossy side of the Playstation 4 is the access panel to the hard drive. It slides down like a panel on the back of a laptop and comes off as a single piece of plastic. You can then see that the hard drive is ventilated to prevent overheating.

The entire cage slides out after you remove a single screw. The drive is a standard 12.5mm height, someone may have to make adapters for low-profile solid state or hard drives slimmer than 9mm. Currently the largest capacity 2.5-inch drive you’d be able to squeeze in there is 1.5TB before it won’t fit.

The screw is a nice touch as well. Its a gold-plated Phillips screw with the Playstation symbols laser-cut into it. All that’s left to be done is replace the hard drive in the caddy, slip it back in, secure it with the screw and reattach the gloss cover.

And Sony has stressed before that this upgrade does not void the warranty and that gamers are free to install whatever drives they wish. This is in contrast to Microsoft’s policy with the Xbox One, which requires users to void their warranty should they wish to install a larger hard drive.

Eagle-eyed users might notice that above the hard drive is a green circuit board attached to the rest of the metal grid with rivets. This is the system’s motherboard and it is mounted upside-down for better heat transfer. Sony’s cooling system will also be radically different from the giant fan and heatsink one finds in an Xbox One.

Computer Bild promises that a complete teardown will be coming soon, but not before next week.

Source: Computer Bild Magazine

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PS4 hard drive upgrades are easy: peek inside

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