Call of Duty: Ghosts runs at 1080p on PS4: Sony confirms

Call of Duty Ghosts 1

Sony has confirmed that Call of Duty: Ghosts on the Playstation 4 runs at 1080p. The company has not commented further on the game itself, or how well it runs on the console.

Speaking to attendees at the Brazil Game Show in São Paulo (25 October 2013), Adam Boyes, VP of Publisher & Developer Relations at Sony Computer Entertainment America, answered a question about the game’s native resolution after it appeared on the Playstation Store for pre-order, listing its native resolution as 1080p.

Boyes was brief with his reply. “Yes, Ghosts is native 1080p on the PS4,” he said.

This seemingly innocent one-liner strikes at the center of a debate between gamers over multi-platform titles appearing on the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One. While first-party games are playing to the strengths of the console, with titles like Forza 5 on the One and Killzone: Shadow Fall on the PS4 both utilising all the power currently available to developers, it seems that third-party studios aren’t having an easy time transitioning their games to the two platforms.

Call of Duty Ghosts

Call of Duty Ghosts

Rumors surfaced on Wednesday this week (23 October) that suggested Call of Duty: Ghosts was running at native 720p on the Xbox One, with the console automatically upscaling games rendering at a lower resolution to 1080p. Titanfall was also dragged into the argument when it was revealed that it too was rendering natively at 720p to preserve performance.

A notorious leaker and industry insider on the NeoGAF forums, calling himself CBOAT (crazy buttocks on a train), confirmed that not only was Ghosts running at a native 720p, but that this was also the case with Titanfall.

“We already know, Titanfall also. Not cool to hold back on stuff we can’t interact or tell the truth with, even if its [our] job to obfuscate rather than educate. Transparency is better when dealing with this position. Whatever, though,” he wrote in a typically cryptic fashion.

Another leaker on the forums, Peter “famousmortimer” Dodd noted that his own source confirmed that Infinity Ward was targeting native 720p on the Xbox One, with the surprising revelation that 1080p was the target resolution on the Playstation 4.

Sources: MyGaming, Playstation Lifestyle

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Call of Duty: Ghosts runs at 1080p on PS4: Sony confirms

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