PS4 tear down: Sony’s next-gen strip tease

Sony’s Playstation 4 finally went under the screwdriver for the Wired team, and they’ve brought us an exclusive teardown of the PS4 as well as a video to make sure your inner gamer does dances of joy.

Wired previously had an exclusive look into the innards of the Xbox One, which revealed some details about how Microsoft set up their console as well as its cooling ability. Now it’s Sony’s turn.

The PS4 is slim, much slimmer than photos can capture. Half of the console’s top cover is finished with a slightly rough matte black plastic, accentuated by the glossy hard drive cover sitting on top of the LED strip.

The console is slanted to create a unique asthetic appeal and to aid in cooling. You can also stand it on its side without an official PS4 stand to keep it steady, but I get the feeling you won’t want to risk it falling over.

Just as the exterior is super-clean, tearing down the console reveals that it’s a work of art inside. Taking off the exterior shell allows access to the Blu-Ray drive and the fan assembly, making it easy for anyone opening their console once the warranty has expired to give it a cleaning.

The PS4 strips down into about 20 parts which constitute the chassis. It appears as though Sony paid particular attention to making their console easy to repair and modify. It doesn’t use as big a fan as the Xbox One does, opting for a blower design similar to what you’d find in laptops.

Part of the chassis also acts as a second heatsink. The main heatsink uses direct-contact copper heatpipes feeding into a tower cooler that’s been laid sideways. The fan blows air in through the fins and exhausts heat through the rear of the chassis.

Every part of the console is serviceable and replaceable on its own, which is good news to those owners who will do their own repairs once the warranty period is over.

Sony’s Playstation 4 launches in South Africa on 13 December at a retail price of R6,299 with a total of 13 games to choose from, with more landing on PSN before the end of the year.

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PS4 tear down: Sony’s next-gen strip tease

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