InFamous: Second Son SA release date confirmed

Ster Kinekor Entertainment has confirmed that InFamous: Second Son will be releasing in South Africa on 21 March 2014, exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

This is one of the few first-party PS4 games (that we know about) landing in 2014. Developer Sucker Punch has confirmed that the game would be running in native 1080p resolution at 30fps.

Second Son is set seven years after the ending of Infamous 2, in which Cole MacGrath activated the Ray Field Inhibitor (RFI) to destroy a conduit (super humans, named for their ability to channel powers) named John White, also known as the Beast. The explosion resulting from activating the RFI was originally thought to have killed all conduits across the globe, but those outside of the blast radius, or with a natural resistance, have survived.

Fearing the abilities of the conduits after the destruction of Empire City, the Department of Unified Protection (DUP) is formed, and major cities across the United States are heavily monitored for conduit activity, whom the DUP have labelled collectively as bio-terrorists. The game is set in Seattle, Washington, and players control Delsin Rowe (voiced by Troy Baker), a 24 year-old graffiti artist with no real direction in life.

One day, Delsin witnesses a bus crash, and attempts to help; in the process, he comes in contact with a conduit, and his own dormant conduit abilities are awakened. With his new abilities and his older brother Reggie (voiced by Travis Willingham), a police officer, Delsin will dedicate himself to fighting back against the oppressive DUP, as well as other conduits such as Abigail “Fetch” Walker (voiced by Laura Bailey)

The trailer below showcases Delsin Rowe’s “Neon” ability. Delsin absorbs the ability to control Smoke in his hometown, and then goes to Seattle to find more conduits and gain their powers, starting with Neon. These power sources have different strengths and weaknesses, requiring you to change up your tactics.

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InFamous: Second Son SA release date confirmed

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