Sony explains overpriced PSN games

With the launch of their respective next-gen consoles and digital stores, Sony and Microsoft have been criticised for downloadable game pricing that is more expensive than retail.

This is true across all PSN regions, including South Africa – MyGaming previously looked at the price differences, which can be as much as R250 in some cases.

Speaking to Eurogamer, UK PlayStation head Fergal Gara offered an explanation.

“First of all, we want to support a healthy retail channel, so it’s not in our interest to go and seriously undermine retail,” said Gara.

Gara said that retailers are known to price games below the recommended retail price to attract customers, and this is true of both high-street retail and online retail.

“We don’t set the pricing. So if they decide on some crazy low prices they’d like to charge their customers, that doesn’t mean it’s appropriate for the PlayStation Store to match or follow that price. These are effectively all independent retailers,” said Gara.

Gara said that digital game pricing will probably come down over time, being equivalent to the physical retail price.

Gara added that for third-party titles on the PSN store, the publisher also has a large say in the final pricing, and so he did not want to comment on third=party game pricing.

Source: Eurogamer

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  • Méno De Villiers

    Digital download should be cheaper than the physical disc. If you look at what we pay for internet we pay almost double for any digital download game anyway. So ill just support the retailers and get in over with.

  • The Rich

    I don’t understand the logic. It’s one thing to price digital the same as physical retail, but to overprice digital in order to protect retail makes absolutely no business sense to me. In that case, why offer a digital retail channel at all if you are intentionally basically pricing yourself out of the market?

  • nickVader

    All they had to say was: “it’s not in our interest to go and seriously undermine retail”. As I read it, yes we know we can be cheaper, but seen as there is still money to make, lets make it!

  • Qrox

    “This is true across all PSN regions, including South Africa – MyGaming previously looked at theprice differences, which can be as much as R20 in some cases.”

    Pretty sure that should be R200, not R20.

  • DarthMol

    IMO I think it’s the exchange rate that really messes things up here. The prices are based off the Euro equivalents since we are zoned with Europe.

  • Yes, R250 in fact *slaps self* silly typo mistake :/

  • AfricanJedi

    you seem to make alot of these mistakes

  • Mattewis Kat

    If I’m not mistaken PSN pricing in South Africa is also more expensive than in Europe and the USA. For example the upcoming Assetto Corsa racing game pre-order price is just over R800 on the UK PSN, but over R1000 on our local PSN. Even if we’re priced according to the Eurozone, howcome we pay more than the country with the strongest currency?

Sony explains overpriced PSN games

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