Sony Playstation Network January sale details

Playstation network January sale

Sony announced the beginning of their massive Playstation Network January sale on 24 December and has detailed when some deals are set to expire.

The January sale covers 112 games and some also include more discounts for Playstation Plus members in addition to the existing discounts from he sale. The sale comes on the heels of the Steam Christmas sale, in which thousands of games were on sale and Valve’s announcement that Left 4 Dead 2 was free on 25 December crashed the Steam network entirely.

If you’re looking to take advantage of the games on sale this January, make sure you also pick up a Playstation Plus subscription. Not only are you getting a lot of good games for free over the course of 2014, but you can also benefit from extra discounts that make some of the games on sale ridiculously tempting.

Below follows a table of the games on offer, separated by the dates on which their deals expire. The deals are for PS3, PSP and PS Vita games, no PS4 titles will be included in this sale. Hundreds more games are on sale until 22 January 2014, so make sure you visit the PSN Store on your PC or PS3 and take advantage of the insane discounts on some of these games.

Playstation Network January Sale

Deals ending 2 January 2014
 Platform  Was  Now
 NBA 2K14  PS3  R679  R399.50
 Call of Duty: Ghosts  PS3  R800  R567.29
 Borderlands 2  PS3  R449  R112.25
 Spec Ops: The Line  PS3  R339  R84.75
 WWE 2K14  PS3  R679  R169.75
 XCOM: Enemy Unknown  PS3  R449  R112.25
 Bioshock  PS3  R140  R33.60
 Bioshock 2  PS3  R229  R57.25
 Dead Island Riptide  PS3  R339  R145.77
 Battlefield 4  PS3  R799  R399.50
 FIFA 14  PS3  R569  R399.50
 FIFA 14  PS Vita  R569  R284.50
 GTA IV: Complete Edition  PS3  R394  R126.08
 Caslt of Illusion: Starring Mickey Mouse  PS3  R125  R62.50
Deals ending 8 January 2014  Platform  Was  Now
 God of War: Ascension  PS3  R449  R278.38
 Puppeteer  PS3  R449  R224.50
 F1 2013  PS3  R679  R285.18
 GRID 2  PS3  R569  R182.08
 Mass Effect 3  PS3  R229  R91.60
 Need for Speed Rivals  PS3  R799  R399.50
 MotoGP 13  PS3  R569  R227.70
 MotoGP 13  PS Vita  R393  R168.99
 Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Complete  PS3  R189  R94.50
 Assassin’s Creed: Revelations  PS3  R172  R115.24
 Assassin’s Creed III: Classic Edition  PS3  —  R279
 Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation  PS Vita  R339  R169.50
Deals ending 15 January 2014  Platform  Was  Now
 DMC Devil may Cry  PS3  R249  R124.50
 Lost Planet 3  PS3  R679  R224.07
 Okami HD  PS3  R130  R92.30
 Remember Me  PS3  R339  R169.50
 Resident Evil 6  PS3  R339  R169.50
 Resident Evil: Revelations  PS3  R339  R203.40
 Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition  PS3  R172  R86
 Dead Rising 2: Off The Record  PS3  R172  R68.80
 Devil May Cry HD Collection  PS3  R339  R145.77
 Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen  PS3  R339  R169.50
 Street Fighter X Tekken  PS3  R189  R94.50
 Street Fighter X Tekken  PS Vita  R429  R225.72
 Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3  PS Vita  R349  R192.57
Source: Playstation EU Blog

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Sony Playstation Network January sale details

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