CounterSpy is heading to PS4

Sony has revealed yet another game headed to PS4 later this year, CounterSpy.

This procedurally generated side-scrolling espionage title features stealth elements and is set in an alternative version of the Cold War.

Previously announced as a PS3 and PS Vita title, developer Dynamighty confirmed it will support cross-play for game progress on these platforms. Android and iOS versions are also in the works.

Dynamighty Studios Creative Director had this to say about the decision to release CounterSpy on PS4:

“When we partnered with Sony, the PlayStation 4 was but a fantastical dream of uber console heaven somewhere off in the near future. We originally announced that CounterSpy was going to be coming to PlayStation 3, PS Vita, iOS and Android devices.

Since the PlayStation 4 launch, we have had a steady stream of requests from people as to when or if we would be releasing on Sony’s new hardware. We’ve even seen the game listed on websites as a PS4 title, even though nothing official had been said by Sony or us to that effect.

Well we are super excited to be able to ‘declassify’ this information and officially confirm that yes, CounterSpy WILL be launching on PlayStation 4 in summer 2014.”

Here is an entertaining trailer that explains the game and its Cross-Save features that come with owning more than one PlayStation platform.

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CounterSpy is heading to PS4

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