Driveclub’s garage to get a lot more impressive


It may not have scored as high as the likes of Forza Horizon 2 and its certainly no Project CARS, but Driveclub is nevertheless worth looking into if you’re a racing fan, particularly because it offers a different experience.

For those convinced of that fact, Driveclub is set to receive a large update, Update 1.5, next week and a new expansion the following week, come May 26th.

In case it wasn’t obvious enough, the Lamborghini Icons expansion pack adds, well, Lamborghinis to the list of cars in Drivecub’s roster.

And Update 1.5 makes a number of improvements, additions and tweaks, all of which sound fairly promising – particularly the addition of the Citroen DS Survolt concept electric car.

Our question is, is anyone actually still playing Driveclub?

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Driveclub’s garage to get a lot more impressive

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