1TB Ultimate Player Edition of the PS4 priced locally

1TB PS4 - Ultimate Player Edition - Priced in SA

Before we get into the meat of the story, we should point out that the 1TB ‘Ultimate Player Edition’ PS4 uses the original release model, not the new and improved CUH-1200.

The CUH-1200 is Sony’s newly revised PS4 that sports a scratch and smudge resistant matte finish as well as a number of hardware revisions that result in a lighter, more power efficient console.

The CUH-1200’s power rating is now 230W, as opposed to the original’s 250W, and remains a tad cooler and quieter as a result of the power improvements.

We suspect that in order to sell the older model in light of the CUH-1200, Sony has thrown in a beefier 1TB hard drive, attached an attractive packaging name like “Ultimate Player Edition” and away they’ll go.

And now we finally have a local pricing for the Ultimate Player Edition bundle.

Both Makro as well as Takealot are advertising the 1TB version of the PS4 for R5999.

For the moment, neither CNA nor BT Games have 1TB console listed, but we can’t imagine it will be long before they do.

R5999 is pretty good price point for the 1TB model, but it’ll have to see another price drop or two before it becomes truly attractive, especially when you consider that those who can afford a PS4 in all likelihood already own one.

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1TB Ultimate Player Edition of the PS4 priced locally

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