Super Meat Boy has the hardest Platinum Trophy ever

Super Meat Boy - Hardest Platinum Trophy

Masochistic indie platformer extraordinaire Super Meat Boy, developed by Edmund McMillen and the rest of the team over at Team Meat, is finally making its way to Sony’s consoles – and it drops today, October 6th.

If you’ve never played Super Meat Boy, now is the perfect time because it will be available for free as a part of October’s PlayStation Plus titles for both the PS Vita as well as the PS4, and it’s an absolutely sublime platforming experience.

The announcement trailer may not show it, but you’re in for one hell of a ride.

But even if you have the split second reactions and pixel perfect platforming skills required of you, you’re still going to have to invest hundreds of hours if you hope to earn Super Meat Boy’s Platinum Trophy.

The list off trophies and their requirements for Super Meat Boy, all of which must be earned for the Platinum Trophy, is pretty insane.

Don’t believe us, of the huge numbers of players who own Super Meat Boy on Steam, on average less than 1% of players have actually earned a no-death achievement. So good luck PlayStation fans.

For those who don’t much care for the nightmarish difficulty of earning trophies in this sadistic game, you’re in for a right treat.

Unfortunately, the game won’t have the same soundtrack that released alongside the Xbox and PC versions of the game, but it will have an all new soundtrack, reason enough for those of us who have played it before to give it another go.

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Super Meat Boy has the hardest Platinum Trophy ever

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