Quantic Dream’s Detroit: just what is it

Quantic Dream - Detroit - First look

Quantic Dream (of Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain fame) recently teased their latest cerebral masterwork in creation, Detroit: Become Human, an alluring exclusive for the PS4.

We don’t know much about the project just yet, as it was only revealed on October 27th, but the small teaser we got was very exciting.

Quantic Dream - Detroit

Our protagonist, Kara the android.

Some may remember KARA, a small tech demo by Quantic Dream for the PS3 showcasing the power and capabilities of cutting-edge systems.

The seven-minute clip showed an android being assembled in a laboratory by several robot-arms piecing her together.

Despite a notice in the introduction disclaiming this video as a concept for a game, KARA would become the foundation for Detroit.

After some basic questions to test her intelligence, purpose (servitude and sex) and cognitive functionality, the interviewer becomes alarmed at her shocking level of ego and presence and orders her dismantled and reprogrammed.

Quantic Dream - Detroit

The androids in Detroit seem largely human.

Taking pity on her as she begs for mercy, perhaps by how human she is, the unseen man takes pity on her and stops her from being dismantled.

The machine shows amazing levels of organic realty, with a blue synthetic heart beating fast as she is being terminated, demonstrating range, lifelike expressions and believable tears.

The android is then told to move in line with other dumber copies and ascends in a tube. The group are now expanding on this concept, that of a female android becoming sentient and self-aware, and what happens when she escapes the factory where she was created.

Quantic Dream - Detroit

Highly detailed and individualized NPCs and a marvellous, distant Detroit.

The story revealed so far revolves around the android Kara surviving in the futuristic city of Detroit, one of America’s greatest industrial powerhouses.

The teaser trailer shows Kara initially enthralled by the world around her; the bustling city life and weather conditions like rain.

Kara will be brought to life by Valorie Curry, a girl who is known for her delicious surname as well as her role in the Twilight trilogy.

Quantic Dream - Detroit

Valorie Curry.

She quickly, however, becomes disillusioned with the world. She sees how badly her robotic siblings are treated, with scenes akin to the beginning of The Animatrix showing anti-robot protestors attacking an android.

She is also seen walking past enslaved androids stuck in menial labour and in windows for sale – who become aware of her presence and freedom – snapping out of puppet-like oblivion to express surprise at a counterpart’s emancipation and a longing to break free and join her on the outside

Quantic Dream - Detroit

The trailer reveals the contrast between poorer, dilapidated suburbs left behind by industrial development and more prominent, cyber-metropolitan hubs.

So far we have minimal information on this exciting title, but just the trailer had me profoundly interested, despite the shoddy mediocrity that Beyond: Two Souls turned out to be.

Quantic Dream founder and director David Cage said he would be building on Heavy Rain and Beyond’s gameplay, but will make big tweaks to offer something original, “Building on the same grounds but in a very, very different way.

He also made sure to mention that, “People should expect to be surprised again because this is really what we try to do with each game: not give people what they expect, give them something they want maybe without knowing this is what they want.

Quantic Dream - Detroit

Forget PlayStation 7 .

Expect themes typical of the be-nice-to-machines genre like robots being as intelligent and emotionally-capable as humans, deserving ethical treatment, and the line between the two becoming non-existent.

Also, prepare to feel much loathing for your own kind as cruelty is shown towards bipedal computers.

I’m guessing the heartless conglomerate that created Kara will send an elite security unit to exterminate/retrieve her.

What I would love to see is Kara becoming a mechanical Moses emancipating her slave-race and leading an uprising against the ex-oppressors.

Quantic Dream - Detroit

Welcome to Detroit.

We’re supremely excited for the near-future of gaming and PS4 with titles like this in production. Expect to see a release date around 2017 and keep an eye out for more information.

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Quantic Dream’s Detroit: just what is it

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