You will have to repurchase PS2 games to play them on PS4

PS2 emulator for PS4, no classics support

It seems we were right, for once. And of course it’s the one time we would have preferred to be wrong.

We’re talking about the PS4 and Sony’s rather quiet introduction of PS2 support for the console – first discovered by Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry.

What we wanted to know was why is Sony keeping such a tight lid on a feature PS4 owners would be only too happy to have?

Was it because Sony was reserving the feature for PlayStation Now, or because they were planning to resell your PS2 games back to you, without any plans to actually allow you to play your old library of games?

Well, according to reports on Twitter, Sony accidentally/prematurely released additional details regarding PS2 support, as well as the announcement that one of the first titles coming was Dark Cloud.

They’ve since removed it, so it’s a good thing that someone was quick enough to screenshot the tweet:

All you need do is navigate to the bottom of the image to see why Sony was so hush hush: “PS2 Classics and PS2-formatted discs are incompatible with the PS4 system.”

It seems that Sony has taken the business of remastering older platform titles and reselling them on current consoles one step further: don’t bother remastering them at all.

Kudos Sony.

We hope that it’s a miscommunication on Sony’s part, hence the removal of the tweet. We’re fairly sure we’ll know come December 5th at PlayStation Experience 2015.

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You will have to repurchase PS2 games to play them on PS4

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