PlayStation VR to cost between R6,400 and R9,700, suggests analysts

PlayStation VR

With the Oculus Rift finally being priced, market analysts from SuperData Research predict having to pay between $400 (R6,450) and $600 (R9,671) for a PlayStation VR headset of your own.

When you take into account the $599 (R9,500) price tag of the Oculus Rift, the predicted price of the PlayStation VR doesn’t appear all that preposterous, particularly if you take the need for an additional processor box into account.

SuperData Research also conducted customer surveys, and according to their results, they expect the PlayStation VR to sell around 1.9 million units by the close of 2016, with a market share of 5%.

VR Research

As it stands, PlayStation VR would have the smallest market share, with a bigger market share of 17% belonging to PC VR devices (the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, for example), predicted to sell an estimated 6.6 million units.

The largest share, however, will go to the mobile VR because of its low cost entry barrier, where the Samsung GearVR costs juts $100 (R1,600) and Google Cardboard is even more affordable.

SuperData Research further reveals that 829 VR games are estimated to be in development with strong support from indie studios. AAA companies, however, remain reluctant to make the jump.

Below, you can see the interest of US gamers’ ranked for each genre of virtual reality-enhanced game, along with their interest in non-gaming content.

VR Research

It is expected that around 19% of console gamers will be the most likely to spend $400 or more on VR, against PC users 10%.

On top of this, it’s estimated that hardcore gamers will be willing to spend more on VR than casual gamers, as you can see below.

VR Research

SuperData Research explains their methodology for their research and predictions:

Market estimates in this report were compiled based on transaction-level data collected by SuperData Research from a consortium of providers, including developers, publishers and payment service providers, totaling 48 million unique digital gamers. This information was complemented by a variety of publicly available sources as well as interviews conducted by SuperData’s analysts with key figures in the Virtual and Augmented Reality industry.
Player behavior and sentiment data was assessed using a survey of 557 qualified respondents in the period of November and December, 2015.
This panel profile includes video game users who are 13+ years old, played a video game at least once within a month of taking the survey, expressed at least some interest in Virtual Reality, and live in the United States.

The PlayStation VR may very well cost considerably more than your trusty PS4.

What do you think about the potential cost of PlayStation VR? Share your thoughts with us in the comments and forum below.

Source: WCCFTech

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PlayStation VR to cost between R6,400 and R9,700, suggests analysts

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