Horizon: Zero Dawn gets new trailer, details and release date

Bring me the Horizon Zero Dawn

PS4 exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn has received a new trailer and an official release date.

The game is set to release on 03 March 2017.

The game’s first official details have also been leaked, including the fact you will be taking control of a female-protagonist known as “Aloy”.

Earth is ours no more.


The masters of the new wilderness are teeming herds of fearsome Machines.


Play as Aloy, shunned by her tribe since birth, as she harnesses her agility, cunning, and deadly aim to hunt these terrifying mechanized creatures.


Face insurmountable odds to turn predators to prey. Fuse primitive gear with advanced tech to create unique weapons and explore dangerous landscapes.


Alone against warring tribes, unforgiving wilds, and Machines of all shapes and sizes, can you survive long enough to discover your destiny among the deepest secrets of the ancient past?


You can check out the full trailer below:

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Horizon: Zero Dawn gets new trailer, details and release date

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