Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare review — heroes wear dogtags, not capes

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

When you buy a Call of Duty game, there are a few things you expect to get.

The franchise has built a reputation for itself over the years, but it’s also right there in the name.

Call of Duty is about celebrating military service, about making the men and women in the armed forces out to be heroes — provided they are allied with US interests, of course.

It’s clichéd. Heck, it’s propaganda, but that’s what you sign up for when you buy a Call of Duty game.

Infinite Warfare delivers this in spades, along with excellent new gameplay that fits in with its futuristic setting.

Call of Duty: where the bad guys are evil, and the good are righteous

Infinite Warfare’s campaign expertly avoids any kind of nuance.

No attempt is made to explain the motivations of the antagonist — the Settlement Defence Front (SDF), or SetDef in the lingo.

SetDef represents the military might of a society based on Mars, hell-bent on the destruction or enslavement of the peoples of Earth.

Their forces are led by the evil Jon Snow Admiral Salen Kotch.

To make sure you understand just how evil this faction is, Infinity Ward lays it on thick. SetDef kills civilians indiscriminately. They assault critical infrastructure and cut down non-combatants execution-style.

The message is clear: He is even more eviller than Skeletor.

A shallow and fun campaign

Although the campaign is shallow, it is brilliantly fun. The writing, voice acting, and motion capture are good, hitting all the right spots.

It has all the oorahs and military humour, mixed with a recurring emotional “lest we forget” theme, just in time for Armistice and Veterans Day on 11 November.

Emotional investment in the characters extends beyond the “Press F to feel” farce in Advanced Warfare, though it does feel as though Infinity Ward tried too hard in places.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare mixes good old-fashioned boots-on-the-ground FPS gameplay with a stripped-down space combat flight simulator.

Infinity Ward also capitalised on its choice of setting to deliver 6-degrees-of-freedom infantry combat in zero-gravity.

Everything around the space combat feels well thought-out and executed, presenting you with all kinds of interesting scenarios to play through.

While the main story mission is relatively short and can be completed in 4–6 hours, Infinite Warfare includes “Targets of Opportunity” missions that offer nice bite-sized bits of action.

Missions may range from run-and-gun to space combat only, and let you unlock perks and upgrades while having fun with the new mechanics and gameplay for awhile longer.

Bottom-line it for me, Chief!

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is Wing Commander meets modern, zero-g shooter inside Battlestar Galactica, sans the drama and mysticism.

The campaign’s pacing feels a bit off at times, but it’s nothing that the unbridled, straightforward fun of it doesn’t make up for.

Thoroughly cliché-ridden, but ultimately a beautiful story backed with great gameplay in an interesting setting.

I give it 3 oorahs.

Peace to the Fallen
Rating  Oorah camouflage military posterOorah camouflage military posterOorah camouflage military poster
Raw gameplay value Cubemen icon R860-R900. Single player: 8 – 10 hours. Multiplayer: while the hype lasts.

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  • Matthew McGregor

    I actually went into this year’s Call of Duty with a negative mindset and I honestly have to say I am rather surprised at how much I am enjoying it. Apart from the few tweaks and fixes needed I find myself enjoying the campaign, multiplayer and especially zombies mode. So overall you can definitely expect me to clock in a few hours of play.

  • Neji

    If I wanted to play Wing Commander, I would get Wing Commander.

  • BrendanMcCT

    “Their forces are led by the evil Jon Snow Admiral Salen Kotch” – Sorry Jan…Friendship wrecked. Evil Jon Snow? You sir have been scrubbed, removed, disavowed, deleted, banished, voided, deconstructed and will henceforth be generally ignored for that clearly biased view of Jon Snow. No Christmas gift for you!

  • Real world dude

    You clearly didn’t get it lol it was absolutely hilarious he was simply referring to the striking visual similarities in looks between everyones beloved Jon Snow and this evil dude in the game!

    I also liked how he called it what it is lol propaganda in a game,I’ve always felt it when playing the Call of duty series of games which I throughly enjoy,as long as you’re aware of the attempted brainwashing you can have fun just fine with it.

    Well written review had me laughing once or twice!

  • BrendanMcCT

    Clearly you didn’t get my post was poking fun at his article. It was well written. Like most of his articles, except when he poses as staff writer. Everyone hates the staff writer articles.

  • Real world dude

    Dammit,you should have used comic sans for sarcasm!Hehe…

  • BrendanMcCT

    Noted for future reference 😛

  • We’ll see. Jon Snow is one bad day away from being more eviller than Skeletor.


  • I_ReTaiNed_|

    Well written article. Its funny how the “critics” in the US are giving the game 10/10, but the actual user-reviews tell a completely different story. (broken, lame and unassuming) The thing is, COD always had a good SP element. The stories were impressive and immersing – it was what set it apart from other FPS games. When I see something like “shallow but fun” “pacing is off but fun” then I know this installment of the game failed as COD always tried to be more than “but fun”. Lets hope that the next one, if there is a next one, is closer to the needs of the users and true to the concept of the original COD titles.

  • Johann Botha

    I only do SP games, so if they sell the single player for half the price I would be dropping some coin on this. But they don’t, thats why the last one I played was Ghost…

  • Peter Pan

    I watched the playthrough of the SP. Quite enjoyable. It may not necessarily be the best FPS SP, but it is sure up there near the top.

  • BrendanMcCT

    Oh Hell no you didn’t just say that…You sir, are now playing with your pension fund! :D. And yes, i used lower case for “sir”, it just goes to show how far down that rung of relevance you have slid. 🙂 🙂

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare review — heroes wear dogtags, not capes

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