Does Sniper Elite 3 hit the mark?

Sniper Elite 3

Crouching in the shadow of a German half-track, I wait for my heart rate to lower. It’s over 90 beats per minute, and I need it at a steady 60 for a straight aim. Fortunately, my hunters are looking for me in all the wrong places, and after a while my breathing slows.

I take my rifle, look down the scope, line up the Nazi grunt’s head in my cross hairs, and gently pull the trigger. The bullet hits him in the back of the neck, shattering his spine and exploding through the front of his throat, while I watch in detailed X-ray vision – epic.

Sniper Elite 3 is not for the squeamish, but if you don’t mind a bit of blood (and are over 18-years-old) then I recommend you give this title a go.

The game launched in SA a few days ago, and I was fortunate enough to receive a review copy for the PlayStation 4. To provide disclosure, I must admit I am fan of the sniper profession – it’s my most played kit in Battlefield 4 – and I enjoyed the previous Sniper Elite titles.

Before we get into whether version 3 lived up to expectations, I want to assure fans of the franchise that the slow-motion kill-cam is as gruesome as ever, and makes for great viewing. No matter how many times I shot a foe in the face, heart, or lungs, I never got tired of watching organs explode.

Perhaps I am just a sadist (or an axe-murderer in waiting), but I urge you to experience this satisfaction for yourself (Okay, this review just got creepy – Ed).

This is my favourite kill shot far – short, but sweet.

Besides the sniper kills, the game looks good and plays smoothly. The North African environments suit the game, are well detailed, and have a colourful, oasis vibe going for them. The levels, though, feel somewhat confined, and I would have like to see a more open-world approach to the stages.

That being said, I had only played a few missions in the campaign and the “Hunt the Grey Wolf” DLC mission at the time of writing. Also, I was not in North Africa during World War 2, and have no idea what the environments looked like. While somewhat narrow, the levels don’t leave you feeling cramped, and there is plenty of room to shoot and relocate to a new hiding spot.

The switch between day and night across the various levels is a nice feature, and ensures you won’t get bored hiding in the shadows after dusk, or crouching behind a rock away from the vicious African sun (and German rifle fire).

Sniper Elite 3

Sniper Elite 3

On “Sniper Elite” difficulty the enemy soldiers were fairly challenging and had a good sight range, which made hiding in the shadows and taking enemies down in silence essential. If you do get tired of sniping – and the kill cam – you can sneak up and stealth kill your enemy with your trusty knife, shoot them at close range with a silenced pistol, throw caution to the wind and unleash an SMG, or blow them to hell with a hand grenade.

Overall, I enjoyed what time I have spent playing Sniper Elite, and am looking forward to sinking some more time into come the weekend.


  • Killing Nazis reminds me of spending time with my grandpa.
  • The slow-motion death cam makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
  • Being a sniper in WW2 makes you appreciate your modern, comfortable life.
  • The game is fun, engaging, and looks very pretty.


  • The enemy AI is good, but not great. Perhaps I must play on higher difficulties.
  • On occasion, shooting a soldier 6 times in the chest with a handgun does little to hurt them.

At the time of writing, Sniper Elite 3 was at the top of the UK sales charts.

The review copy of Sniper Elite 3 was provided by Apex Interactive.

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Does Sniper Elite 3 hit the mark?

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