Xbox One S sales spike by 111% after PlayStation Pro reveal

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The Xbox One S console just got a huge sales boost after the PlayStation event yesterday, where Sony revealed the PS4 Pro, reports ThisGenGaming.

The console saw a 111% increase in sales on Amazon just hours after Sony announced its new console.

Interestingly, Microsoft seems to be aware that it is now in the driving seat following this cheeky Tweet, posted after the Sony event.

Time will tell if these are just reactionary purchases or whether Sony made a massive misstep in the reveal of the PlayStation 4 Pro.

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  • Jihaad Boonzaier

    111% on what period? 2 days it was only announced 2 days ago?

  • Jeff

    From one day to the next. Up 111% from the day before. Basically the sales for Xbox One S surged after Sony had their announcement. Also happened at US retailers like Best Buy and Gamestop. Major surges in sales.

    It’s a guess, but Microsoft stated that Xbox One games would be forwards compatible with Scorpio. The PS4 Pro did not blow people away. Many may be deciding to jump onto the Xbox to begin building a library.

    I would not be surprised if many PS4 users will spend the money on the X1S instead of the PS4 Pro. They’ll keep the PS4, but they’ll take the console money for the upgrade and spend it on the Xbox to begin adding games there.

    Been selling like crazy at Walmart too.

  • Jihaad Boonzaier

    I believe they only used Amazon, so this is not even a real indicator in any sense

  • Jeff

    It was also found online at Gamestop and Best Buy. Local store data was picked up like NPD surveys and found an increase after the PS4 Pro reveal. Social media trends also indicated a lackluster reception to Sony’s announcement with a perception that the Scorpio would be much better.

    Now some are trying to speculate that the PS5 will come in October of 2018, but I doubt Sony will be able to do that. Fall 2019 at the earliest is my guess – and I don’t think it’ll ever see release. Sony is in really bad shape and if the PS4 Pro doesn’t cause a surge or PS4 plummets with the Scorpio launch then they are in trouble as a company.

  • Jihaad Boonzaier

    NPD does not do surveys they only track data. Unfortunately the article only used Amazon as a source and its only the UK amazon, so it’s a bundled with FIFA and has nothing to do with Scorpio unless British people are stupider than I thought

Xbox One S sales spike by 111% after PlayStation Pro reveal

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