The South African Xbox store is one of the most expensive in the world


With the Rand taking a bit of a knock in recent years, South African Xbox prices have soared well past the R1,000 mark.

But how do these prices compare to the rest of the world? Not well.

South Africa is consistently amongst the most expensive marketplaces in the world.

While it varies from game to game and some titles are inexplicably cheaper or more expensive in some regions, South Africa consistently comes out a close second or third most expensive.

This is how South African Xbox Store prices compare to the rest of the world:

South Africa United States Canada Brazil Colombia UAE Hong Kong India Mexico Russia Singapore Taiwan
R1 = R1.00000 $1 = R13.68740 $1 = R10.40131 R$ 1 = R4.24007 $ 1 = R0.00465 د.إ. 1 = R3,72660 HK$1 = R1.76479 ₹ 1 = R0.20584 $ 1 = R0,71094 1 руб = R0.21899 $1 = R9.99555 NT$1 = R0.43613
Recore R689 R547 R520 R589 R790 R547 R474 R679 R641 R657 R499 R478
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Deluxe Edition R999 R958 R936 R1055 R930 N/A R883 R994 R889 R876 R909 R921
Overwatch: Origins Edition R899 R821 R832 R975 R930 R958 R802 R1029 R850 R876 R769 R790
Gears of War 4 R999 R821 R832 R843 R1092 R821 R734 R823 R850 R876 R699 R740
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided R899 R821 R1098 R1206 R832 R923 R757 R821 R780 R876 R699 R850
Battlefield 1 R799 R821 R832 R1060 R976 R821 R757 R720 R880 R876 R799 R780
DOOM R999 R821 R832 R975 R1085 R1094 R826 R885 R710 R876 R799 R820

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The South African Xbox store is one of the most expensive in the world

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