The best and worst of Final Fantasy


With Final Fantasy XV releasing soon, I thought it would be a good idea to look back at the best and worst moments Square Enix has had with the series.

Take a look at those games that we loved, those spinoffs that we hated, lets also not forget the movies that were so boring and those that we would watch over and over again.

Here are some of the best and worst moments in the Final Fantasy franchise:

Final Fantasy VII – Final Fantasy X

Dubbed as the golden years in the series, Square Enix really hit a stride while developing the Final Fantasy titles between Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X.

The games were true to the JPRG experience, as well as the world of Final Fantasy.

We all remember Cloud’s timeless journey, as well as Yuna and Tidus’ awkward laughing scene in Final Fantasy X. Who can forget Vivi and Kuja, or Leon?

The games were truly magnificent, and they were the pinnacle of the series. Final Fantasy VII has gone down as one of the greatest RPGs in history, selling over 11 million copies worldwide.

The games were so successful that Square Enix made sure to release them on mobile devices, as well as porting Final Fantasy X to PS4, so there is no excuse to not play them.

If you were a gamer back when these released, then you will remember all the awesome adventures we went on.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

After the huge success of the video games, Square Enix become rather cash hungry and decided to milk the games by releasing a full CG film.

Unfortunately, the film was a complete disaster as the narrative leaned more towards a Resident Evil-style cheap Hollywood action blockbuster than actually staying true to the series.

If it was not for the fact that the film had “Final Fantasy” in its title, the movie could have been base off anything to be honest, as it was mixture of alien vs humans with mutated genetic beings causing havoc on a post apocalyptic Earth.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Fast forward a few years after the failure that was The Spirits Within, and Square Enix released yet another Final Fantasy movie, but at least one was based off the most popular game in the series.

Advent Children was in theory the sequel to Final Fantasy VII, as it was set two years after the events of the game.

All our favorite characters returned to the gorgeous CGI film as we experienced one of the best Final Fantasy spin-offs to date. Epic battles, fancy spells, Sephiroth on another bender of his, and Cloud struggling to come to terms with the events from the game.

It was a true love letter to the fans of Final Fantasy VII, and Square Enix should be proud.

Mobile Releases

As every video game publisher has done over the past few years, Square Enix jumped onto the wagon with their mobile releases.

Sure, the company had some great ones, mainly the ports of Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and IX, but apart from that, the other mobile releases came under fire for their expensive in-app purchases and gated content.

Crystal Defenders, Theaterythm: Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy:Brave Exvius, and others came in with steep in-game purchases. Theaterythm: Final Fantasy cost R1,500 to unlock all the game’s content and songs.

The game was free to play, but that was just pushing it as you could buy the 3DS version for R400 and have all the content.

Let us hope that Square Enix has learnt from their mobile release fiasco, and maybe behave themselves in future.

Final Fantasy XIV: Online

Before Square Enix rebooted the Final Fantasy XIV series to what we know today as A Realm Reborn: Final Fantasy XIV, the game was a hot mess. Filled with bugs, unresponsive UI, and a boring story, Square Enix had a ugly baby in their hands.

We thought that Square Enix was going to scrap the game completely, but instead they took the risk with it and rebuilt the game from the ground up.

When Bahamut destroyed the world of Final Fantasy XIV in 2012, Square Enix shut down the servers to the game and started work on A Realm Reborn: Final Fantasy XIV.

When the game released in 2013 on PC, and 2014 on PS4, it was new and refreshing.

Final Fantasy XIV: Online went from being one of the worst Final Fantasy attempts to date to being one of the most successful MMOs available.

Final Fantasy XIII

Many fans out there are on the fence when it comes to Final Fantasy XIII, as the game was the first real step in the next generation of Final Fantasy.

A new engine powered the game’s beautiful world, and a new battle system created a new way to play.

Some of these changes were met with fans really tearing the game apart, as it was so far from the games we played in the last generation, that it felt like something unrelated to the series.

Still, Final Fantasy XIII had a stellar cast and a beautiful world to explore. It also had some of the best new characters in the game to experience it with.

The game was a success, and as the fans slowly embraced the new direction, it was the next move from Square Enix in the Final Fantasy XIII series that soured the situation.

Final Fantasy XIII-2/Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

The game that did not need a sequel, got two sequels anyway. Square Enix went from taking 10 years to develop Final Fantasy XIII, to releasing two sequels years apart.

The games were based in the same universe, but instead time had been broken after the collapse of Cocoon, and Sarah now heads through various time lapses to track down Lightning who is now the protector of time or something.

Yes, the plot was all over the place, and those who absolutely loved the original game just felt lost in it, as it ruined the simplistic, yet stunning story of the original.

Then came Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, which saw Lightning venture through linear lands and gather people who she deemed fit to move onto the new world after the one she was in was about to end.

The game, although somewhat enjoyable, looked terrible, had a confusing plot, and worst of all, was so beyond the original setting that it felt far-fetched.

What are your best and worst moments in the Final Fantasy series? Let us know in the comments and forum. 

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The best and worst of Final Fantasy

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