Xbox One X South African pricing confirmed

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Microsoft has confirmed the pricing and release date for the Xbox One X in South Africa.

A Microsoft spokesperson told MyBroadband the 4K gaming console will be available in South Africa by 25 December.

The console will launch with a discounted price tag of R7,499 for a limited time – after which it is expected to increase. Pre-orders will open in the coming weeks.

The Xbox One X boasts hardware far more powerful than previous Xbox consoles, and features support for native 4K gaming.

Microsoft South Africa previously stated that the approval of a clearance certification for the Xbox One X to land locally was the reason for the delay in the console’s local launch.

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  • Cathal

    Unfortunately it’s not going to be the price of the console that will make or break the Xbox, it’ll be lack of proper game of the year type exclusives.

    If I wait long enough I’ll get all Microsoft exclusives on my PC, whereas games like Last of Us, Uncharted or Horizon all force users to own a PlayStation.

  • if the XBO runs Windows 10 and my PC runs Windows 10 and my PC natively supports the XBO gamepad… Oh never mind. I lost my train of thought…. XD

  • tjitah

    Wait a year until they release the Xbox One Y, and get the One X for R4999. Never buy something that is “selling out globally” – you will overpay.

  • Ron

    The xbox is mostly just for microsoft to compete with Sony for thoses who want to game on console, they already have their product market to make money from pc gamers

  • Cathal

    Yes, but if I can run all games, exclusives included, on PS, but only some on Xbox, why would I buy the Xbox?

    Yes there are some games only on Microsoft, like Halo and Forza, but I’ve never seen those winning awards unlike the ones on PlayStation. Microsoft really just needs to up their game.

  • Ron

    They had a long list of games at e3 which will only be for xbox and windows, but it depends on what you prefer, Ps only has a handful exclusives themselves that are great

Xbox One X South African pricing confirmed

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