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EA’s latest release in the long standing SSX snowboarding series of video games is due in South Africa on Friday, 2 March. It is being released on PS3 and Xbox 360.

Unlike previous games in the series, SSX features real world locations built based on geotagging data borrowed from NASA, including the Alps Canadian Rockies, Canada, Patagonia, Antarctica, Africa, Siberia, the Himalayas, Japan and New Zealand.

Various original SSX characters return, such as Elise Riggs, Mackenzie “Mac” Fraser, Kaori Nishidake, Moby Jones, Psymon Stark, Zoe Payne, Griff Simmonds, and Alex Wachowski, along with a bunch of new faces.

The first reviews for the game started appearing online yesterday, and so far things are looking pretty good with high scores coming in from the likes of Eurogamer, IGN and Gamespot.

SSX is currently sitting on a Metacritic review aggregate of 82/100.


Here is what some publications have had to say about it:

GamesRadar 9/10

The wait was worth it. Full stop. While it doesn’t top SSX 3 in terms of that game’s vibrant sense of place, and is occasionally hampered by being hard for the wrong reasons, SSX is a vast, deep, beautiful and nuanced blend of showboating adrenalin and sharpened intelligent play. It’s a demanding game, but its rewards are immense, providing a feeling you won’t get anywhere else in gaming. Read more

Eurogamer 9/10

Few series have enjoyed such an assured and enjoyable update in the current generation of consoles. Far from being a weary evolution, SSX is a vibrant, eager advance for the Cool Boarder/Tony Hawk’s lineage of extreme sports video games. EA Canada has effortlessly married the score-attack DNA of arcade gaming’s earliest days with some of the most interesting and exciting multiplayer design seen in the past few years. A towering achievement then, as tall as the mountains it so diligently reconstructs. Read more

IGN 9/10

This is what happens when you don’t just put the game out every year, but spend your time crafting it, creating the ultimate experience. SSX redefines snowboarding games, raises the bar for the genre, then backflips over it. Read more


Gamespot 8.5/10

SSX is a terrific evolution of the series that delivers extreme snowboarding thrills like no game before it. Read more

Destructoid 8.5/10

I ran into a few issues — namely the occasionally frustrating level design, which is inconsistent at best — but there’s so much to love that the problematic aspects don’t sully an otherwise terrific game. Between character leveling, equipment, hundreds of drops, and rivalries with friends, SSX is going to provide months of entertainment for most of us. Read more

Giant Bomb 4/5

It’s as though the team behind SSX were never quite sure how far toward realistic danger nor straight-up arcade ludicrousness it ought to veer toward, relying on the old school silliness of SSX’s snowboarding gameplay to carry the load as the team built a gaggle of new mechanics and concepts around it–some of which don’t really gel with that classic SSX flavor. The end result is an experience that can often be tremendous fun, though sometimes almost feels accidentally so. Read more


Videogamer 8/10

The snowboarding itself is solid, if lacking some of the skill required in previous titles, but it’s everything surrounding it – RiderNet, Geo Tags and Harmony – that make the game such an involving experience. Its connected features take the genre to the logical next step, setting the benchmark for future extreme sports titles to follow. Read more

Game Informer 7.8/10

As someone who’s waited years for a new SSX game, the frustration I discovered in EA Sports’ latest snowboarder stings. Between the strong online infrastructure and the excellent controls, the foundation is here for the SSX reboot the franchise deserves. I can only hope that this team gets another chance to go for the gold and cuts out all of the unnecessary realistic flourishes next time. Read more


Joystiq 7/10

When SSX wasn’t trying its best to push me away, I loved every minute of it. From a mechanical perspective, it’s the best treatment the “extreme sports” genre has received on the current generation of systems thus far. Unfortunately, it’s wrapped in a dirty old program from X-Games ’98 and punctuated with frustrating moments. Read more

Edge 5/10

In looking outside itself for inspiration, SSX has found a worthy infrastructure to establish an online community and culture. But this same approach has found the brand veering away from some of the fun and fireworks of yesteryear, leaving its more seductive silly side out in the cold. Read more

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SSX review roundup

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