Armored Core V – everything you need to know

In a shattered world, the people are pushed toward the abyss of catastrophe, yet they keep fighting.

With a theme based on the idea of human strength in the face of adversity, the story describes the folly and transience of humanity as well as its never‐give‐up attitude when faced with a desperate struggle.

Armored Core V is the sequel to the popular Japanese mech series which last showed itself on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 back in 2008.

The series is known for its all-out mech combat, vast customization options as well as, you know, being a mech game – which isn’t a common thing, really.

In this, the fourteenth game in the series, developers From Software have placed massive emphasis on multiplayer and online play – so get your internet connection in order, here’s what to expect.


Amored Core V is an online game. While the story missions and side missions can be played on your own, they all take place in the greater context of the world you’re in, and there’s a big focus on the game’s multiplayer function.

Gamers will be able to create their own team, or join one that already exists. All missions boost your team’s standing, even when flying solo.

Teams have room to accommodate 20 players.

The world is full of player-controlled bases that can be attacked and defended, as well as a mercenary system, if you don’t want to be a part of a clan.

Should a base be attacked while you’re not online or not playing, it will be defended by NPC units as well as the various defences your team has in place.


Armored Core V offers various modes: story missions, side missions and multiplayer.

Story – These missions play out the ‘single-player’ campaign. There is an option to bring a friend. Rewards earned and components purchased belong to the main player – but can be traded with other players.

Order – These are the game’s side missions which can also be played alone, again with the option to bring a friend for support. The purpose of order missions is to earn money and team points to bulk up stock.

Conquest – The game’s multiplayer mode features 5v5 mech battles, as well as capture missions and territorial battles. Each team nominates an operator whose job it is to oversee and strategize the battle plans.


Along with the strong emphasis on playing in large groups comes a vast selection of customization tools – and there are over 500 components and items to use.

Components and customization items are unlocked as your team levels up.

Your Armored Cores can be fitted as you wish, with each addition/removal of a component affecting the ‘feel’ of the mech, from manoeuvrability, flexibility and speed – to power and force.

The customizations go beyond the visual appeal of your mech, even though those options are there as well – with personal texts and logos being at your disposal.

The different components of the mechs are vital to gameplay, with head, arm and leg units affecting various stats; and the type of damage (kinetic, chemical and thermal) your mech delivers playing a big role in combat.


  • Online gameplay with ‘bring-a-friend’ story campaign – you’ll need the support;
  • Offline compatible, but the game world continues even when you’re not there (that means your base can still get invaded);
  • PvP battles;
  • 5v5 mega-mecha battles;
  • 500+ customization items;
  • From what we’ve read – it’s pretty damn difficult, too.

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Armored Core V – everything you need to know

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