The Splatters review (XBLA)

The Splatters is a short physics based game in which you play as suicidal blobs who aim to activate bombs by killing themselves, causing “splatters” – hence the name.

The objective of the game is to destroy all the bombs in each level, which is how you can pass the level. It takes a very twisted, fun new look at physics based games.

Players will take command of a technicolour crew of blobs, selecting the appropriate blob to throwat spikes and smash into walls to activate the bombs of corresponding colour. This title is full of bright colours, very happy music and funny sound effects.

This game only has 200 Gamer Score, compared to the new standard set by Xbox LIVE Arcade Next which is 400 Gamer Score. The Splatters features very little downloadable content but with its incredible addictiveness, I doubt it would be long before the game gets some new levels and game types.

The Splatters has many levels that range in difficulty, with the challenge escalating rather quickly – but that’s fine because it is also extremely forgiving. With just the press of the Back button the game will reset the level, which comes in very handy for later levels where most people will have to reset the game. Players must be careful to not overdo it because the game keeps track of your attempts.

The levels, as with every game in the physics puzzler genre, range in difficulty, with each subsequent level showing off more creative design. At times I wondered just how the level designers could be so cruel as to create such challenging levels.

The Splatters

The Splatters adds a few new mechanics to this rather over-done genre. Unlike Angry Birds, Splatters allows you to switch between each blob creature in a level at any moment and the ability to reposition the blob creatures, opening up gameplay for strategising.

The game allows you to view other players’ attempts at the same levels that you have attempted. You can also view through Xbox LIVE many interesting and hilarious recorded attempts.

The lack of a level editor means this game falls short compared to other titles from its genre, such as Trials.

The music in the game is extremely cheerful; I suspect the reason for this is that players would get incredibly angry otherwise. The music distracts from the fact that sometimes players will get stuck on a level and will play it over and over again to no avail. The effect that the music has in this game would not just keep players from rage-quitting; it will also keep the people playing the game forever for no actual reason.

The Splatters

The popping colours used in the game gives a cartoonish look which will attract players from all ages. The soothing colours really help to distract from the fact that the game is full of friendly looking blobs trying to kill themselves.

Out of all the brightly coloured blobs, the red one is by far the most disturbing. When a blob is killed, it liquifies and then leaves a splatter mark that of its colour; however, with the red blobs those splatter marks look as though somebody was murdered.

All in all, this game with its happy suicidal blobs has an extremely entertaining and quirky feel. Most people will be playing levels over and over trying to achieve 3 Star scores, giving the game a longevity uncommon with many on the Xbox Live Arcade.

Don’t despair though, with The Splatters’ cartoonish feel and joyful music you won’t mind paying the game for as long as it takes to finish it.

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The Splatters review (XBLA)

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