18 most exciting upcoming Xbox 360 games, according to Microsoft

Speaking at a media briefing in Tokyo, Microsoft listed its 18 most exciting games that are due out ‘soon’.

– Ninenty-Nine Nights II

– Lost Planet 2

– Alan Wake

– Borderlands

– Fable III

– Forza 3

– Halo 3 ODST

– Halo Legends (Anime)

– Crackdown 2

– Metal Gear Solid Rising

– Castlevania Shadow of Rose

– Tekken 6

– End of Eternity

– Fifa 10

– Bayonetta

– Splinter Cell: Conviction

– Assassin’s Creed II

– Dead Rising 2

While all eyes are on the PS3’s upcoming exclusives list, it has to be said that Xbox 360 gamers will be taken good care of over the coming months.

The list does not include Modern Warfare 2 which is arguably 2009’s most anticipated game, nor does it mention Left 4 Dead 2 or Mass Effect 2.

The list includes some great looking Xbox 360 exclusive titles including Fable III, Halo ODST, Alan Wake and Forza 3. With exciting titles such as Uncharted 2 and God of War III set to release exclusively on PS3, there has never been a better time to own both consoles.

Both consoles have great looking lineups, with a healthy variety of exclusives and the bulk of big upcoming titles scheduled for multiplatform release such as WET, Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, Borderlands, Modern Warfare 2 and Assassin’s Creed 2.


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  • _Caboose_

    MS fails at that list, wheres the final fantasy 13?

  • Dare_Delete_ME

    M$ has nothing that stands out, the PS3 Line up looks way better!

  • Dare_Delete_ME

    LOL @ the fanboys who post on the 360 section "where is Final Fantasy" HA HA where is all the exclusive JRPGs that the 360 has on the PS3?.

    Do you really think that people listen to your comments ?.

    Lets just see if any "TWO" PS3 games can outsell HALO ODST on it's own

    Great lineup for the 360..

  • Kevin Rheeder

    Dont understand why people are always dissing xbox 360 or PS3. They are both awesome consoles. I personally have a xbox360, and to be honest…cant wait for GT5 on PS3. getting a Slimline PS3.To each his own people, and a true gamer would respect other brands,models games etc..

  • Tarryn

    @ Kevin: Obviously, if you own a PS3, you have to hate everything about the Xbox 360, and vice versa. It's the Rules(tm), or you can't be friends with really awesomely cool people like Dare_Delete_Me, who is clearly really awesomely cool and must have a lot of friends. Or not, because he doesn't have time for friends (who needs friends anyway) when he has to spend all his time here filling up the comment blocks with reminders about how much the Xbox 360 sucks. Such admirable dedication. What a guy.

  • tatendazindi

    i own a ps3 aND an xbox360, digg the box much more, when it comes to games, en final fantasy isnt a ms exclusive its a multiplat

18 most exciting upcoming Xbox 360 games, according to Microsoft