How to win R2-million playing video games

  1. Get good at Halo 4.
  2. Enter the Halo 4 global championship qualifying tournament.
  3. Win expenses-paid trip to Halo 4 championship final in Seattle, US of A.
  4. ?????

Yes, I know that we ran this story earlier in the week, but not a lot of people seemed to take notice. We thought that a new headline might convey the gravity of the situation.

SA Halo 4 gamers fight for trip to R2-million finals

Following the announcement that 343 Industries will be hosting a Halo 4 Global Championship, Microsoft SA has confirmed that SA gamers will have a chance to qualify for an all-expenses paid trip to the finals.

This means that SA qualifiers will be sent to Seattle, where the finals will be hosted, by Microsoft – if they make the cut of course.

The tournament starts on July 5th for RTX and July 15th online. The online portion will continue for 5 weeks, ending on August 19th. The Finals will be held in Seattle from August 31st to September 1st (exact dates subject to change).

“Each week, you’ll be challenged to complete at least 20 matches against 7 random players with the game type changing weekly. The top 6 players from RTX (Rooster Teeth Expo in Austin, Texas), plus the 4 winners from each week of online play, will receive an expenses-paid trip to compete in the Finals,” explains the tournament page.

The prize money for the winner is pretty impressive – $200,000 impressive. Which equates to over R2,000,000. The overall prize pot is $500,000.

So there are two ways to take part, online through Xbox Live (the tournament will kick off in the online arena on 15 July 2013 through XBL), and at live events, which are only in the US at the moment.

MyGaming asked Mweb if there were any plans to host any events or be involved in any way with the Halo 4 Global Tournament.

“MWEB GameZone have no plans to do anything around this tournament at this stage,” said Mweb’s Online Gaming Manager Desmond Kurz . “If a local comp is needed, we’ll jump in and help… no problem,” added Kurz, leaving the door open for the possibility of a local event.

You can register for the Halo 4 Global Championship at the official website.

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How to win R2-million playing video games

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