Xbox One is being maxed out: Forza developer

According to the lead creative director on Forza 5 Motorsport, “everyone is using 100% of the Xbox One’s power.”

These were the words of Dan Greenawalt, lead creative director at Turn10 Studios, the creators of the Forza series. Greenawalt was speaking in an exclusive interview with X-One Magazine about the latest Forza title and the conversation steered into the resolution saga and how the game runs on the console.

“Forza 5 runs in 1080p and 60fps even in an F1 car, going 220mph around Spa with 16 other F1 cars on the track,” said Greenawalt.

When asked why other developers, even larger studios like EA, Ubisoft, and DICE, were still struggling with optimisation, Greenawalt offered no particular reason. “What I can say is that we have a bespoke engine that’s designed for the Xbox One. We started before we even shipped Forza 4, so we’ve been working on this,” he added.

This appears to add weight behind earlier rumors that third-party development studios did not have the same amount of time to optimise their games as Microsoft’s first-party studios, although no concrete evidence has yet been offered to support this theory. However, later in the interview Greenawalt adds onto that statement.

“We started three years ago thinking this is the architecture Microsoft is designing and we were talking to [Microsoft] about what we wanted the next gen to be about, like materials – orange peel paint, some of the rubbing on the tyre, the many interactions that make the car look real. So the Xbox One was designed to be able to do this, but you also have to work on your engine to make sure it’s doing it as well and we’ve had the time to really do that and really optimise our engine.”

“But the truth is that I get asked are we using 100 per cent of the box? Of course we are. Everyone is. Even people who are upscaling are still using 100 per cent of the box. We had more time so we’re very well optimised and we will continue to optimise this game,” he says.

This is a little worrying if true, considering that Microsoft’s ambition for the Xbox One is to have it in service for a full decade. However, if developers are allegedly getting the most out of the console already, will there be room for visual improvements further down the road?


Source: NowGamer

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Xbox One is being maxed out: Forza developer

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