Massive Afrihost uncapped ADSL price cuts

Afrihost ADSL

Afrihost is enhancing the value proposition even more by introducing cost reductions without sacrificing quality of service.

The price of the Afrihost Home Uncapped DSL Packages will drop upwards of 20%, with the 1Mbps package falling over 50% – making it the cheapest Uncapped DSL available in South Africa.

“This change opens up the possibility of Uncapped DSL to a broader range of clients, and gives current Afrihost clients greater savings,” Afrihost said.

Afrihost said this price change has no effect on the quality or speed of the Home Uncapped DSL Packages.

“It merely offers you internet at even better prices. Plus, these price updates are also applicable to bundles,” the ISP said.

The revised pricing will take effect from 9 September 2016 for all new signups, and current clients will be charged the new rate from the next billing cycle.

Afrihost uncapped accounts Old price New price Saving % change
Home Uncapped 1Mbps R97.00 R47.00 R50.00 -52%
Home Uncapped 2Mbps R167.00 R77.00 R90.00 -54%
Home Uncapped 4Mbps R237.00 R147.00 R90.00 -38%
Home Uncapped 8Mbps R327.00 R237.00 R90.00 -28%
Home Uncapped 10Mbps R367.00 R297.00 R70.00 -19%
Home Uncapped 20Mbps R597.00 R397.00 R200.00 -34%
Home Uncapped 40 Mbps R987.00 R797.00 R190.00 -19%
Afrihost uncapped DSL bundles Old price New price Saving % change
Home Uncapped 1Mbps Bundle R149.00 R99.00 R50.00 -34%
Home Uncapped 2Mbps Bundle R299.00 R229.00 R70.00 -23%
Home Uncapped 4Mbps Bundle R499.00 R399.00 R100.00 -20%
Home Uncapped 8Mbps Bundle R659.00 R579.00 R80.00 -12%
Home Uncapped 10Mbps Bundle R729.00 R659.00 R70.00 -10%
Home Uncapped 20Mbps Bundle R969.00 R779.00 R190.00 -20%
Home Uncapped 40 Mbps Bundle R1,449.00 R1,249.00 R200.00 -14%

This article first appeared on MyBroadband and is republished with permission.

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Massive Afrihost uncapped ADSL price cuts

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