This is when we can expect 1Tbps line speeds

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Nokia Bell Labs, Deutsche Telekom T-Labs, and the Technical University of Munich have achieved a 1Tbps transmission speed over fibre in a field trial.

The secret behind these massive speeds is the trial of new “Probabilistic Constellation Shaping” technology.

PCS modifies the probability with which constellation points – the alphabet of the transmission – are used.

Traditionally, all constellation points are used with the same frequency. PCS uses constellation points with high amplitude less frequently than those with lesser amplitude to transmit signals that, on average, are more resilient to noise and other impairments.

While these speeds are reaching what’s theoretically possible for fibre lines, experts believe these massive speeds may be required relatively soon.

“5G cellular data is just gathering momentum, and telecoms will need gobs of bandwidth to cope with the increased demands. A realistic 1Tbps fiber option would make sure that the internet’s wired backbones don’t collapse under the load”, reports Engadget.

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This is when we can expect 1Tbps line speeds

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