Favourite ISPs of Netflix users in South Africa

Fastest broadband in South Africa

MyBroadband’s Piracy and Streaming Survey for 2017 has revealed that many tech-savvy South Africans subscribe to streaming services.

The survey was completed by 1,587 IT professionals and tech-savvy individuals, providing insight into piracy and streaming trends in South Africa.

73.85% of respondents said they were an online pirate, while 51.17% of respondents said they subscribed to a media streaming service.

ADSL and Fibre

The survey results showed that Netflix was by far the most popular streaming service in the country, with 84.85% of users signed up for a Netflix package.

Showmax came in second with 39.29%, followed by Amazon Prime on 12.93%.

When it came to Internet connections, respondents said ADSL, Openserve fibre, and Telkom fixed LTE were their connections of choice for streaming.

Telkom took top spot in the ISP section, too, followed by Afrihost, MWEB, and Vox.

The survey results are detailed in the graphic below. Survey respondents were allowed to pick multiple answers for certain questions.


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  • WookieJebus

    Just too bad Telkom’s LTE is going so far backwards

  • Smuroh

    What issues have you been having? mostly mine has been really good but every now and then normally around the 10pm the towers seem to just die/ drop its very odd.

  • WookieJebus

    Last year in March when I signed up, I averaged 14ms ping and 60Mbps, now it’s up to 60ms and down to 5Mbps. These are averages tested over the entire month. That is in addition to also experiencing the random network drops at night that you described.
    Also note that my router has not moved, and no new structures were erected anywhere near my house, and me being only 800m from the tower, so I’m willing to bet it’s not a signal issue.
    Some nights my ping gets so bad that I have to abandon my online matches, because playing at 1800ms+ is literally impossible. (These are to SA servers, not international)

  • Smuroh

    I must admit I have had the same issues playing on the local BF1 servers ping would fluctuate really badly which never happened before, I have a feeling that Telkom overloaded its towers without actually thinking of the issues it will cause.

  • Helldriver Phoenix

    I’m really happy with my Netflix experience using Vox. Keep it up, and thank you!

Favourite ISPs of Netflix users in South Africa

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