South African broadband tariffs vs the world

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Point Topic has released its Q3 2017 residential broadband tariff report, which shows that South Africa’s entry-level broadband prices are among the best in the world.

Point Topic’s scorecard compares the entry-level, median, and average residential broadband tariffs in 81 countries.

The data includes fixed broadband services offered over copper, cable, and fibre networks.

“To help provide an easy way of comparing directly, we have taken the PPP data on entry-level, median, and average broadband tariffs, produced rankings, and then compared the variance,” it said.

Global pricing

Albania had the lowest entry-level broadband prices, followed by India, Poland, and Vietnam.

South Africa ranks 12 out of 81 countries for its entry-level residential broadband prices – improving by two places over the last quarter.

This is where the good news ends, however, as the country’s median and average tariffs rank among the worst in the world.

Point Topic’s broadband tariff country scorecard is below. Countries at the top offer the lowest entry-level tariffs.

Country scorecard

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  • tjitah

    Thought so, they hook you with entry level deals, but the moment you ask for a bit better, they nail you

  • AbnormalN8

    OK, this really does not mean much as this is just the cost of the cheapest package available, quality of service is not factored in at all.

    Lets talk numbers for a second…taking into account the second country up and down from South Africa (Sweden and the USA):

    Sweden has an AVERAGE fixed-line broadband speed of 52.76Mbps down and 27.82Mbps up!
    The USA has an AVERAGE fixed-line broadband speed of 64.17Mbps down and 22.79Mbps up!

    South Africa… 6.7Mbps which is even in the bottom half of Africa!

    So, I doubt our position is anything to brag about when factoring in cost per unit.

South African broadband tariffs vs the world

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