Afrihost hit with more ADSL problems


Users in Gauteng, Durban, and Cape Town are reporting that they are unable to connect with their Afrihost and Axxess ADSL accounts.

Afrihost confirmed the problem at around 08:30 and said that it had been resolved.

Problems persisted and at 09:20, Afrihost said it had identified the root cause of the problem and was busy resolving it.

Afrihost’s representative on the MyBroadband forum recently provided an update on what caused the problem and why customers are still unable to connect:

An issue at the data centre where our JHB IPC [IP Connect – Telkom’s wholesale ADSL product] is located caused the IPC to temporarily go down, as we lost connectivity on the network. The IPC was immediately brought back up, but all the affected clients (in the Northern Region) were disconnected and then needed to re-authenticate.

Afrihost explained that the flood of requests to authenticate is massive, and that they are trying to find ways to get them through more efficiently so every one can get back online.

Users in other regions who disconnected their sessions, or are connecting now, will experience the same issue since all clients authenticate on the same management system, Afrihost said.

“So that’s why some clients in Cape Town are also not getting online.”

Afrihost said that once users are authenticated they should avoid disconnecting their session, running Fix My Line, “or anything like that” as it may take you a while to reconnect.

We’re still awaiting a full report from MTN on exactly what caused the network problem that started the whole thing, but for now our priority is restoring full and normal ADSL connectivity to affected clients.

Afrihost said they will keep users updated and asked everyone to be patient.

“Understand that we’re doing everything that can be done, and thinking about ANY possible solutions,” Afrihost said.

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  • Chrisjan Botha

    Sorry Afrihost and Axxess – I have been a loyal user for some years now, but it grinds me that you took the choice out of my hands as I want nothing to do with MTN. I thought at first to give the new network a chance but I had more problems in this few months on the MTN network than all the years together. I am also willing to accept problems on the IS and Seacom network as they disrupted the market and start the whole bandwith revolution. From MTN I will not accept any excuse…..

  • Thats why i always use MWEB

  • The Rich

    I must admit that I’ve had a fair bit of problems with my Afrihost connection recently. On Tuesday night my connection suddenly degraded massively and after submitting a support ticket, was told that there was nothing wrong with my account/connection. This was after they had had sustained problems over the weekend and into Monday with huge latency etc. Since they made the switch to MTN it really feels to me like things with Afrihost have gotten – and continue to get – worse, not better. My patience with them is really wearing thin at this point.

Afrihost hit with more ADSL problems

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