Seacom back to normal

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Seacom said on Saturday 30 March that the capacity on its Egypt to Europe route has been fully restored, and that all its services are running as per normal.

“We have completed the process of connecting all customers requiring restoration back into service on the Seacom cable system link that was cut between Egypt and Europe,” Seacom said.

“All of these services have returned to normal as of 11:47 GMT on Saturday 30 March 2013.”

Seacom said that it has also been able to fully restore services to customers on other East Africa cable systems impacted by the recent cuts.

“We are pleased to have been able to restore all services for our customers. We apologise again for the impact these multiple cable cuts have caused over the past 8 days,” said Seacom CEO said Mark Simpson.

Seacom cable map 23 March 2013

Seacom cable map 23 March 2013

Source: MyBroadband

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Seacom back to normal

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