Capped ADSL bundle prices slashed


Afrihost has unveiled its latest bundled ADSL prices, offerings savings of up to 49% on their current ADSL rates.

Afrihost is offering its capped ADSL products on selected bundle sizes, which range between 50GB and 400GB.

“Existing clients wishing to take advantage of the offer can convert their capped ADSL products in ClientZone to the bundles offered,” said Afrihost.

“New clients can sign up directly on the Afrihost and elect to move their DSL lines to Afrihost to take advantage of the offer.”

The following table provides an overview of Afrihost’s new capped ADSL bundles.

Package Line Only Data Only Bundle Saving
1Mbps + 50GB R149pm R399pm R297pm R251pm (46%)
2Mbps + 75GB R279pm R595pm R497pm R377pm (43%)
4/10Mbps + 100GB R399pm R790pm R697pm R492pm (41%)
20Mbps + 300GB R499pm R2375pm R1497pm R1,377pm (48%)
40Mbps + 400GB R749pm R3165pm R1997pm R1,908pm (49%)

Article courtesy of MyBroadband – Big savings on capped ADSL bundles

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Capped ADSL bundle prices slashed

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