ADSL uncapped bundle prices compared

Axxess and Cybersmart are the latest Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to reduce the price of their bundled ADSL products following Telkom’s ADSL speed upgrades.

In November 2013 Telkom Wholesale started to upgrade the speed of its ADSL products, with 1Mbps upgraded to 2Mbps, 2Mbps bumped up to 4Mbps, and 4Mbps lines increased to 10Mbps.

Telkom’s free ADSL speed upgrades prompted many ISPs to increase their value proposition to their subscribers by either upgrading them free of charge to higher speeds, or by reducing their prices.

Bundled ADSL products saw price reductions across the board, with consumers enjoying far better value for money.

The following table provides an overview of the new bundled ADSL prices from many of South Africa’s prominent ISPs.

2Mbps uncapped ADSL account and ADSL line
ISP Monthly price
Cybersmart R349
Telkom Internet R364
Axxess R396
Afrihost R397
Web Africa R489
4Mbps uncapped ADSL account and ADSL line
ISP Monthly price
Axxess R499
Telkom Internet R548
Cybersmart R579
Afrihost R597
Web Africa R739
10Mbps uncapped ADSL account and ADSL line
ISP Monthly price
Cybersmart R779
Axxess R799
Afrihost R897
Telkom Internet R999
Web Africa R1099

Article courtesy of MyBroadband

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  • LeftRightCentre

    After some time at the top Cybersmart no longer the cheapest for 2 and 4 Mbps! Will need to remove their claim ‘Cheapest ADLS in South Africa’.

  • You guys are much better off. Uncapped ADSL in Zambia is only 1mb and for 400 ZMW (750 ZAR)

  • nicki vallentgoed

    Web Africa is substantially more expensive than the rest, yet they are considered a prominent ISP?
    What benefit do they offer that the rest does not?
    It would have been interesting to see the customer satisfaction ratings with the prices.

ADSL uncapped bundle prices compared

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