Unthrottled Titan uncapped ADSL from OpenWeb


OpenWeb has launched a new uncapped ADSL product, called Titan uncapped, which only shapes traffic when the network is busy.

OpenWeb CEO Keoma Wright explained that the Titan uncapped account will be completely unshaped when the network is not busy. Wright added that these accounts will never be subject to any throttling.

OpenWeb is offering five Titan uncapped accounts:

  • 2Mbps Titan Uncapped – R149
  • 4Mbps Titan Uncapped – R249
  • 6Mbps Titan Uncapped – R299
  • 10Mbps Titan Uncapped – R399
  • 20Mbps Titan Uncapped (VDSL) – R799

OpenWeb has also launched a promotion offering free access for January to all new subscribers that sign up this month via debit order or an auto deduction via credit card.

“Any new client that signs up during the month will not be billed for the rest of January 2014,” said Wright.

Article courtesy of MyBroadband

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  • Peter Pan

    “Only shapes traffic when the network is busy!” Well then that most probably means it will be constantly shaped!

  • Lycanthrope

    Yeah… This product is totally revolutionary. No other network has EVER DONE THAT BEFORE.


  • Network is ALWAYS busy. Ex openweb customer here. Had shocking service from them for 3 months and left.

  • slyGuy

    All in saying is this: 1 user on network = network not busy. 2 users on network = network busy = shaped. Enough said

  • Mattewis Kat

    Ditto! Sadly Afrihost seems to be leaning in that direction as well. Initially the user experience difference from openweb to them felt like having traded in a VW Beetle for Porsche, but since Afrihost started adding mobile data deals to their portfolio, they too seem to have joined the ranks of mediocrity!

Unthrottled Titan uncapped ADSL from OpenWeb

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