Telkom Internet working on ADSL problems

A number of Telkom Internet customers have taken to Facebook and the MyBroadband forums to complain about poor connectivity on ADSL accounts from the Internet service provider.

Some MyBroadband forum users reported that manually configuring their DNS server settings seemed to work around the issue, but others continued to experience problems.

Asked about the problem, Telkom Internet said that it knows that some of its ADSL customers are experiencing slow speeds and high latency on some international internet traffic.

“Initial investigations by Telkom’s technical personnel have revealed that the fault condition is not on Telkom’s servers and that local ADSL traffic is running at normal speeds,” a spokesperson for Telkom Internet said in a statement.

“Further investigation, in collaboration with Telkom’s third party vendors, has isolated the fault to International network links,” the company said. “Telkom Internet’s technical team is currently working closely with its international vendors in order to resolve the fault as expeditiously as possible.”

Telkom Internet apologised to affected customers and assured that the matter is receiving priority attention.

Article courtesy of MyBroadband

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  • Firebunny :D

    Took a week for them to just acknowledge it; and obviously no one is going to be compensated. What a joke.

  • Scooby070707

    And my problem has been like this for who knows how long now. Running a 4Mb line and not even hitting 1Mb speeds. And guess what ? We still need to pay, how about some discount 🙁

  • WillemDev

    Sort it out FOR FUKK SAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! incompetent fools

  • I made complent through social media but i haven’t get solution.

  • Marijke

    We are suppose to get a 2 meg line but only hitting 1 meg. What a rip off, but we must still pay. Its so slow we cant do much, where can I complain instead of phoning a call centre where you get nowhere

  • Albert

    FYI 2Mb/s is 2.048Mb/s which is 2048/8 to get it into bytes this is 256
    KB/s which is 0.25 Megabytes per second which is super slow any ways

  • Haaroon

    if you say in the WC I think I can help you [email protected] for info

Telkom Internet working on ADSL problems

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